We make websites for ministries.

You have a million questions, we understand.  You are used to working with corporate website design companies that do not understand your church’s needs, believe us, we understand.  Let us share a little about ourselves and how we think Worship Times can revolutionize your ministry’s communal life and mission through your web presence.

A little about us…

Worship Times arose from a joint effort of pastors and seminarians who are dedicated to addressing local congregations’ struggle to establish and maintain effective websites for their ministries.  As part of their call to ministry, these seminarians set about creating an effective, sustainable, and simple tool which could be used by your church for ministry.

Join our community….

In the past, churches were left to pay for the design and hosting of their websites.  While this corporate model works well for business’ with the means of annual and semi-annual website redesigns, it is neither an effective nor sustainable model for church ministries.  You should not have to invest half of your annual budget to secure a well designed website for your ministry.  When you join Worship Times, you are getting a new website and a reliable website host, plus you’re joining a community devoted to faithful ministry in the technological age.  When you become a member of our community, you combine your financial resources with thousands of other local congregations across the world.  This makes it possible for you to have unlimited access to our expanding design options and internet ministry tools.

What do I get?

Simply put, you can change the design of your website at any time, with no additional cost.  You get unlimited access to all of our updates, at no additional cost.  You get new tools built for churches into your website, at no additional cost.  You get access to live and always-available training. With Worship Times you no longer have to hear all the “can’ts.”  As part of the community, you will be able to purchase or use your own web domain (e.g. “firstchurch.org”), church calendar, easy to use staff directory, and so much more.  When you move from your business centered hosting company to a ministry focused company, you will be amazed to see how the right tools make your ministry easier.  In addition, since we are using open-source tools like WordPress, you have literally thousands of developers working to make your website better, not just a small company.  This means your website is constantly being improved, at no additional cost to you. When you join Worship Times it’s so much more than just hiring a web developer, you become a part of our community.

How long does it take?

After you join our community, you will be sent a questionnaire, so we can customize the website to your Ministry.  We will ask for all the basic information that we need to know about your ministry and its needs.  After you answer a few questions, we go to work creating your website for you.  Within one business day, your new website will be created and ready for you to add your unique content.

Will you custom design my website?

Yes.  Worship Times is intentionally designed to be a sustainable option for local congregations.  As a result, we offer carefully selected professional designs called “themes” which you can choose for your website.  All of our themes can be customized for your congregation and we combine clear instructions throughout the product in addition to group webinars and personal training which makes it easy to personalize your website for your congregation.  If you would like to either have a new theme designed for your congregation or would like to make significant changes made to an existing design, we would love to help!  If you would like custom website, contact us for a consultation.

What is the catch?

Nothing.  You have the easy job, we just work to make sure you have the most efficient and well designed website possible.  You do the hard work of ministry, wherever you are.  We think it is finally time to have someone helping churches connect through the internet rather than making jokes about their websites.  There are no hidden tricks, just a Christian community dedicated to helping you in the coming years of ministry.  Welcome to the family.