Did you know that after Google, YouTube is the largest search engine in the entire world? Close to 1.3 billion people use YouTube on a daily basis for everything from tutorial videos, to funny skits and music videos that help us unwind. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute, with almost 5 billion videos watched every single day. Not to mention, its user-base is larger than Instagram’s, with 8 out of 10 18-49-years-olds watching YouTube every single month. It’s not just for the millennial – it captures everyone.

That’s why every church should be considering the engagement potential of YouTube today. Although the competition is fierce, there’s no reason why you can’t develop a sizeable presence and following on the video-sharing platform – plenty of people want to watch church-related messages, sermons, and music. It’s something that many people crave.

4 Different Video Ideas

So, if you’ve hit a wall with your church video marketing and need some video ideas, here are 4 video topics for you to consider this year:

1. Testimony Videos: People have grown wary of the non-genuine tactics on social media today, which means they are looking for some genuine content. Pre-rehearsed messages by your staff talking about how amazing your church is – isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need some heartfelt content that is really going to resonate with viewers.

Many churches are turning to testimonial videos. These are true, genuine videos in which members from your congregation tell their story. It can be a sad story, a happy story, or an interesting story; anything that people can relate to. Sit them down in your auditorium and let them start talking. You can even make a montage of many testimonials put together in one video.

2. Live Concerts: If your church has a great worship band, show it off! Go Live on your YouTube channel every Sunday while they are playing. It’s a great way to showcase the talent at your church while sharing something everyone can relate to – music. Plus, you can make pre-recorded music videos that you post as well, with edited versions of the songs that are always available for people to listen to.

Many people use YouTube strictly for listening and watching music. This is a great way to bring them in. And don’t forget about the power of covers! Songs like ‘Amazing Grace’ and so forth are “mainstream” songs that are actually about God. Consider this kind of cover if you want to reach people not necessarily affiliated with the church yet.

3. Funny Videos / Bloopers: The world is so serious today. People find themselves leaving establishment Catholic churches because everything is so sad, dark, and somber. They need a laugh every now and then – we all do. That’s why your church should look into creating funny videos. It can be quick jokes, pranks, or longer skits that you take the time to make. It can also be a compilation of bloopers from different band mishaps overtime. Show your viewers that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that they can actually find themselves unwinding, laughing, and relaxing in your congregation.

4. Worship Lyric Videos: Sometimes, people go on YouTube for background music or something they can listen to while they are at work. This is where worship lyric videos come into the picture. They can go viral if the lyrics are illustrated with professionalism and the music is on-point. This is an easy kind of video that doesn’t require anyone from your congregation to be in it. It’s simple, relatable, and great filler content to keep your channel full of videos every single week. Remember: solid YouTube channels crank out new content every single week.

Worship Times

We know that church video marketing can be a full-time job, from shooting the content, to editing it, adding in music, and so forth. It’s not exactly something that can be pursued part-time, which is why we offer church YouTube marketing and video curating services here at Worship Times.

Video is more consumed than articles and regular posts today, which is why you want to take time to create the content that people want to see. We have everything we need to create all 4 versions of the videos we just recommended above to you, which is why we want you to discuss the potential of church videos with your worship team today. If you want to reach the up-and-coming young people of the world, this is how to do it. Let’s get started today! We can take the worry out of planning, editing, posting, managing, and more!

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