4 Ways Technology is Changing How Churches Connect with Followers

When it comes to making disciples of your church attendees, and really reaching into their hearts to create a community that flourishes in God’s love, technology can actually be an asset to the church. Although the arrival of technology is inhibiting socialization and causing many other problems we are trying to assess as a society, it still delivers some benefits that should be noted when it comes to creating your very own disciplines.

It’s one thing to lead people through your doors and convince them to stay for a service or two; it’s another to inspire them to walk with God and get involved with the church in more ways than one. We’re making the case for technology, especially digital marketing for churches.

Tips for Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Social Media

How can this new tech-filled world benefit your church media? Here are 4 ways to make it happen:

1. Connection Through Social Media: Yes, social media can alienate us on differences; however, it can bring us closer together, and enable us to talk to friends and loved ones halfway around the world. If you make a commitment to positive social media, then you’ll get a positive response back. Considering that two-thirds of the world now uses a smartphone or the Internet, social media is the quickest way to connect with the most amount of people.

With social media, you can share videos, photos, live stream services, articles, and updates that really make people feel like they are part of your family. We all desire socialization as human beings, and although nothing can replace the love of God, human companionship and comradery is a necessity for us to remain happy and encouraged in our walk with God.

2. Analytics for Future Changes: It’s one thing to implement different digital marketing campaigns and other forms of outreach you think are going to be effective; it’s another to actually have the cold, hard numbers that tell the story. With analytics through social media, you can actually see what is and is not resonating with your congregation. You don’t have to wonder anymore and waste resources on failed campaigns.

Instead, you can listen to your church goers and see what the numbers tell you. Technology enables us to maximize the effectiveness of our systems as opposed to testing it over and over again in the dark. As a result, you end up with more time that you can use towards what really counts: running your church.

3. Access to Constant Contact: As many of us know, a lot can happen in one week. Between each Sunday, we can be tried, tested, and tempted, which is why attending church once per week is a necessity. Churches know this, encouraging them to host Bible studies mid-week, prayer meetings, and other kind of get-togethers for those of us that need constant communication.

If you want to really grow your following, then your following needs constant contact from your team. It doesn’t have to always be on social media – you can send out push notifications to mobile devices with reminders, as well as email alerts, newsletters, and blogs that keep everyone up to speed. Some churches send Bible study recaps through a mobile notification, constantly providing content that helps everyone grow closer to God and His teachings.

Technology has provided us with the tools to maintain constant contact like never before in our history.

4. Collaborative Potential: In the past, churches around the world hosted their services, and generally knew nothing about congregations in the next town over. Everything was centralized and contained. Well, with technology today, churches are collaborating everywhere, hosting joint events, and scheduling joint social media videos. Additionally, churches are reaching out to performers, singers, and other pastors, inviting them to their church for a guest speaking engagement.

Churches like the Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn have a guest singer come in every single weekend, thanks to technology. With the Internet right in our phones, we are able to hear new songs, speeches, and sermons without ever leaving our homes. The world is becoming smaller, and in the realm of faith, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Worship Times Technology Support

Naturally, we understand that running a church is a hugely complex and time-consuming responsibility. You don’t necessarily have the time to master the art of digital marketing for church platforms. That’s where our team comes into the picture.

Here at Worship Times, we provide a plethora of technology services that support your church with: outreach, discipleship, engagement, and analytical measuring so you can make informed decisions down the line. We don’t believe that fighting the spread of technology is the answer for God’s House. Instead, we’re embracing these new outreach tools in a way that will benefit you and your congregation. Let us help you get started today!


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