5 Ideas to Use Pinterest in Ministry

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Last week our blog featured an introduction to Pinterest, and this week we’ll be looking at how to use Pinterest in ministry. First, just like any social media platform, you need to think about whether or not Pinterest is right for your ministry. Are the individuals you want to connect with on Pinterest? Do you think Pinterest could serve your ministry in a specific way? Remember using social media isn’t just about growing the number of people who like your page or follow your board. You’re looking to build up the ministry within your community.

Some demographics about Pinterest to be aware of: only 15% of social media users use Pinterest and women are five times more likely than men to use Pinterest (check out here for some good overall statistics around social media users based on Pew Research Center’s research).

But here’s the good news: anyone can see a public board. Try it out. Here’s a link to my Emergency Cute board I wrote about in last week’s blog which is set on “Public.” You can use this to your advantage. You can plan for people who are Pinterest users to pin to the board and for others to view it. Boards aren’t static. You want to have people pinning new things to them often so there’s always fresh content.

You also don’t have to pin alone. Pinterest lets multiple people can pin to a single board. So don’t plan just for people to check out your board. Invited them along for the ride. (Click here for the how-to.)

Pinterest analytics is also a great tool so you can keep track of how many people are visiting your website, what’s been re-pinned, etc. You’ll need to verify your Pinterest account (check here), but once that’s done you’ll have a better understanding of the reach your Pinterest is actually having rather than relying on people telling you. Besides, on the internet you never know who you’ll reach.

Here are 5 ideas to use Pinterest in your ministry:

Use 1: Gathering pictures for use in worship or study groups (for example, what does love look like?)

Use 2: Learning and sharing more about social media. Check out this awesome board for all kinds of social media infographics.

Use 3: Passing on inspirational quotes

Use 4: Linking to descriptions of spiritual practices

Use 5: Assemble ideas for Sunday school or Vacation Bible School crafts


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