5 Reasons to Consider an App for Your Church Congregation This Year

As of this year, roughly 2.5 billion people on our planet have a smartphone. That means these people can seamlessly access the internet, play in apps, socialize through social media, and do a slew of other activities right from their mobile device. They are downloading apps to pass the time, connect with friends, send emails, manage their workload, and follow along with brands, and even churches, that pique their interest.

Therefore, it’s undoubtedly a wise marketing investment for you to consider an app for your church this year. With stats showing that nearly 75% of the world will use their smartphones to access the Internet by 2025, you want to capture this segment of people right where they are knowingly found.

Why Have a Mobile App?

Mobile apps are convenient, easy to use, and can even send push notifications directly to phones, keeping your congregation abreast at all times. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a church mobile app this year:

1. Direct Communication: There’s nothing more direct than being able to send push notifications to a mobile device. You are way more likely to swipe “open” to a notification that pops up on your phone, than take the time to visit a website, right? Well with a church mobile app, you can harness this kind of direct communication that can be essential if you are communicating things like canceled services, changes of location, etc.

Of course, don’t abuse the push notification feature, or people will remove your app from their phone. Try and use it possibly once per month when necessary. Either way, it’s a great way to stay in contact with your church followers and provide direct communication that encourages them to come back to church.

2. Increased Giving Opportunities: A huge part of being Christian is giving back. We are supposed to donate our time and money to those less fortunate, because at the end of the day, we are all God’s children. Therefore, it’s important to make giving as seamless as possible for people in your church. If they miss the offering bin one Sunday and forget to log into your portal on the website, with a mobile app, they can plug in their bank account and simply give right on their phones.

Plus, when they are in church, the offering bin will remind them to pull out their phones and give in that exact moment.

3. Millennial Persona: Every church needs to attract young people if it wants to sustain itself. These are the new faces that bring in ideas, kids, and energy, helping to move the church into the future. Millennials are a generation hooked on technology, which means a mobile app will win you some brownie points with younger people. As a result, more millennials will come through your doors, which means your church will effectively inherit families that will carry it for generations.

4. Consolidated Teaching Resources: Apps are a perfect place to store all of your sermons and teaching resources in one easy-to-access portal. Followers can therefore access the sermons after your teaching, helping everyone to stay more connected. If you are the pastor, you can even access this trove of information for inspiration as you make your next sermon, and store it right inside the app. It’s the mobile-access convenience that makes apps so desirable for busy operations, like churches, today.

5. Event & Time Coordination: Churches are home to dozens of events every single week. Whether it’s family night in which kids’ events are hosted so you can enjoy a Bible study, a volunteer event, a church-wide picnic, or anything in-between, the amount of events you host is probably overwhelming.

As we know, this kind of coordination can be difficult when people don’t respond, or better yet, don’t know what time they need to be somewhere. With an app, there are no more excuses. You can directly send notifications to volunteers and church staff to ensure everyone is on the same page. It will minimize lack of organization and help everyone to coordinate their time and resources so your church can be more efficient.

Your Church Needs a Mobile App

So where do you go to get this elusive church mobile app? Here at Worship Times, our team can create your ministry a personal app, equipped with giving portals, updates, push notification tools, analytics, and so forth. You can monitor app usage and a variety of other numbers that help you more closely connect with your congregation.

It’s not too late to make the app switch today – give us a shout. We can help get your ministry’s app off the ground and into the hands of your members


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