camera-tripod-videosThe only thing worse than throwing up at summer camp, is throwing up at home while you watch virtual summer camp. No one wants to give their campers motion sickness while watching virtual summer camp videos. 

Here are 5 simple rules to make great videos for your summer camp portal.


Smart Phones Work!

You needn’t invest in an expensive dslr video capable camera to make great camp videos. Smart phones work great and have high enough resolution that you will be clear on a tv.  


Get (and use) a Tripod

tripod-for-videosThis is the simplest rule to follow. Purchase and use a tripod. This will help avoid any potential camera shaking and nauseated campers. Tripods vary from super glam, to minimalist, to grabbers that hold on to anything. There are even some handheld tripods that even out motion! Consider where and how you will be filming before you make your purchase. (If you are going to go on a trail walk, check out hand-held steady cams.)


S L O W  D O W N

There is no need to speed through what you have to say. Unless you are singing one of those songs that gets faster and faster with each repetition, just slow down. Slowing down also makes it easier to edit out false starts or any mis-takes. Don’t rush over yourself to cover up a misspoken word. Just slow down.


Stop Moving

Before you begin to speak and after you stop speaking, don’t move. Stop from fidgeting and touching your face. Stay still. Take a breath, smile, and then begin. Or, take a breath, smile, and then end. And stay there for longer than you think is comfortable. By capping the action or talking portions of your video clips, they will be much easier to edit into a cohesive video.


Consider the Frame

Either start completely outside the frame, or completely inside the frame. This, again, helps with the editing process. That’s not to say that you can’t have fun with what is in and out of the frame. Can you think of a game that could utilize the edges of the video frame?

Have fun creating videos for your campers. The more you enjoy what you are doing, the more they will enjoy their virtual camp experience.


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