You have made it through Easter. The joy of the Risen Lord is present. Hopefully, you feel like your feet are beneath you, even if it’s taken a few weeks to find your footing. As we transition for socially-distanced ministry, our online presence needs to step up. Learning what homepage optimization looks like is just step one, putting it into practice is step two.

If you are still catching up, it’s okay. Covid-19 and social distancing has completely rocked us all, and you are here now.  Perhaps you have live-streamed your first service, attended a zoom committee meeting, and have delved further into your website and social media than you thought possible. You have done some amazing work.

We wanted to share these five examples of stellar homepage optimization and virtual church resources to show you what it looks like in implementation. Allow these ideas to spark your creativity and find the optimal way to set up your homepage in this time. You can also read How to Optimize Your Homepage During Covid-19 or watch the webinar replay of Optimize Your Homepage for Covid-19 for more details.


Episcopal Diocese of Maryland


The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland used their current header to add relevant information for their network. There are clear buttons for Covid-19 resources, online giving, live-streaming, and how-to instructions for virtual Easter service. The online giving page allows people to find their church to designate support funds. An easy to down-load PDF gives pastors a guide for how to encourage their congregants to celebrate Holy Week and Easter at home.

In particular, take a look at how they have set up their live-streaming page. The top of the page has a space holder for the live-stream, followed by clear buttons for service bulletins and online giving, and then the most recent worship service video replay. Below this is the archive of all live-streamed services. So easy to find and all in one place!


Los Ranchos Presbytery


The Presbytery of Los Ranchos has added a clean, streamlined call out bar at the very top of their homepage telling you exactly where to find their Covid-19 resources. Their Covid-19 resource page itself is organized using the Worship Times publications tool. Since many of their frequent users know that there is a resources tab, and will immediately go there, they wanted to make sure these resources where in both places.

By using the publications tool, they never have to update the specific pages separately. This tool allows them to add resources in two places at the same time. The publications tool saves them time in this crucial moment.




LEAD – Live everyday a disciples has added their Covid-19 resources section beneath their main header image. In this section, not only have they included a clear link to resources, but there is a clear way to stay in touch through social media. This is the key way they plan to update you about new resources. The language they use about the types of resources you will find on their page is also important. “Resources for leading through a crisis,” and “Holistic Care for Faith Leaders,” are two great, aspirational ways to describe their resources.

On the resource page itself, LEAD has utilized a blog post style to organize all resources for leading through a crisis in one spot. Whenever a new resource is added, it will automatically show up here.


Ramsey Presbyterian Church


Across the top of the Ramsey Presbyterian Church of Ramsey, NJ homepage, you will see the words, “While the building remains closed, the church continues online.” Underneath this phrase is a secondary menu specifically for their online worship and Covid-19 resources. This phrase and menu show up on every page of their website so it is easy to navigate to their online resources no matter where you are on the site.

In particular, look at the Staying Connected page. There are clear dates and times with links on how to Stay Connected.


Newark Presbytery


The Covid-19 Resources page on the Newark Presbytery website is organized and succinct. Instead of buttons, they are using apt photos to mark each resource section. There are a variety of ministry resources in a time of social distancing from worship and meetings to pastoral self-care, as well as denominational resources. They have also included relevant resources on health concerns, state specific information, and food assistance support.


Worship Times

Worship Times is a full-service digital marketing team that specializes in helping churches of all sizes and denominations. Wherever you are, we want you to reach your people and continue your ministry. Whether you need support or reassurance that you are heading in the right direction, we are here.

In fact, our founder, Michael Gyura, is so committed to your ministry, that he has opened up time on his calendar to help your ministry in this time. This is open to anyone, whether or not you are on the Worship Times network. Schedule your free 30 minute website consultation with Michael to talk about homepage optimization, walk through your website, or answer any questions.


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