church-after-quarantineQuarantine has been an interesting and life-changing experience for all of us. Much like a journey, the people who went into quarantine are not the same as those who will come out. Our society, our communities, and our churches will be forever changed. However, leaving quarantine doesn’t mean leaving behind all of the communication changes you’ve made to become a virtual church. While we shake the dust from our sandals, this is one situation where there are things you will want to bring out of quarantine.

All states and local governments are handling the end of quarantine differently, though most are opting for a 4 Phase approach. This phased end to quarantine means that some of you are out and about and others are still in isolation. Either way, it’s important to learn from this experience. For us, we see 5 key learnings from quarantine that you will want to take with you into the future.


Live-Stream Worship Service After Quarantine Ends

live-stream-after-quarantineYou may have a small congregation, but live-streaming your church service is a great thing to continue doing. There are always challenges and situations that prevent people from being at church. Live-streaming means that your congregation can still worship together, even when they are apart. For folks who are traveling, have an emergency, or can’t be there for another reason, live-streaming lets them join you from wherever they are. If you can record the service, that means they can worship when they are able, anytime during the week. 

It is also important to remember the most vulnerable of our population. Most of the phased return from quarantine plans keep those at highest risk quarantined for a much longer period of time. Keep bringing church to those who need to stay at home.

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Stellar Online Communication

social-media-connectionOver the past few months, you have completely stepped-up your online communication. You now know more about your website, social media platforms, and email than you ever thought possible. Don’t let this fall to the wayside as you begin to gather face-to-face. 

Your congregants have now experienced what it is like to connect with you virtually. There is no turning back. And isn’t that what you’ve always wanted. That the experience of church isn’t something you do on Sunday morning, but it reaches into every aspect of your life. Keep it going!


Congregant Based Wellness Checks

congregation-wellness-checksSocial distancing might have prompted your congregation to create an Isolation Ministry Team or a Digital Deacons group. As quarantine ends, keep these teams on their mission; reach out and be in contact with other congregants just to check-in. Empower your congregation to connect with each other. These connections will help build your community, make people feel like they belong, and strengthen the ties that help your congregation THRIVE.


Outside the Box Thinking

First, just take a moment and look at all of the big changes you have made to continue to serve your congregation during this time. That was no small task. You got creative, took risks, and made it work. 

Hold on to the essence of those changes. Instead of tightly grasping to the only way you’ve been doing something for years, you tried something new. Maybe it worked perfectly! Maybe it didn’t. Either way, you worked to meet the needs of your community at this moment. Greet every situation (new or old) with fresh eyes and continue to think outside the box after quarantine ends.




Like Outside the Box Thinking, flexibility is a core value and not necessarily a tangible action. When live-streaming didn’t go quite as planned, you recorded and posted it later. After the chat function misfired, you tweaked platforms for the next go. Life isn’t perfect. Neither is technology. And still, you persisted. You were flexible. You found a way to reach your congregation when they needed to feel the experience of being a community despite social distancing.

Flexibility is something you must bring out of quarantine. It will strengthen your ministry.




Worship Times

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