Top 5 Things Church Visitors Look For: #4 – Staff List

tips and tricks smallWhen visitors are looking for a new church home, they want to know who you are. And yet, we still find that many churches don’t have easily accessible or visible staff lists (we’ll get into showing who you are as a congregation later). Important things for a staff listing are: name, correct title, picture and a brief bio. People want to know who to look for when they get to your church! This includes your church administrators and/or custodial staff who often are not members of the church, but are the face of the church during the week when people might stop by. (Getting administrator photos is often like pulling teeth, but your visitors will appreciate it.)

Worship Times makes it easy to create staff profiles and staff pages:



Video Transcript

In this article, we’re going to show you how to use our staff plugin. On a staff listing page, we have  staff images on the left and then their name and title and an excerpt on the right. On individual staff pages, we have a full bio with the staff’s image/headshot and an automatically generated contact form at the bottom.

To access your staff:

  1. Log in and go to your dashboard.
  2. Click on Staff. This takes you to a list of all of your staff.

To add new staff:

    1. Click on Add New Staff.
    2. Title it with the staff member’s name.
    3. Put in a sort order number – this is the order in which you want to display your staff members. Whoever is at the top, at the lowest number, is going to be first in the list. We recommend putting in sort numbers in multiples of 10 – starting with 10 being the staff member at the top of the list – so that as staff come and go, you can fill them in between other staff without having to renumber everyone.
    4. Enter in a job title.
    5. Enter in an email address – if you add an email address, the staff plug-in will automatically create a contact form for that individual.
    6. Enter a phone number.
    7. Add a full bio, which will display on the individual staff page.
    8. Add a bio preview – this is what users see on the staff listing page. Two sentences or so is about the perfect length.
    9. Add a staff image/headshot. All the staff images should be pre-edited to the same ratio. That ratio is 125×145 (in pixels), but we recommend 250×290 for retina screens.
    10. Select or create a Department. Staff is most common, but many churches also use Elders, Deacons, Pastors, etc. What you select here is what tells the website to display this staff member in a given staff listing associated with that department. (Note that a staff member can be in more than one department – they will appear in both staff listings).
    11. Publish.

Create a new page for a staff listing:

    1. From the back-end of your website, hover over Pages in the left-hand admin menu and click on Add New, or edit a pre-existing page.
    2. Title the page.
    3. Place your cursor in the editor and click on Add Media.
    4. Scroll down and click on Staff List.
    5. Select a department and the number of people you want to display on one page.
    6. Click on Insert Staff List. This will create a shortcode on your page – some parameters in between brackets.
    7. Publish.

As always, submit a support ticket if you have any additional questions.


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