Last week I spoke with a friend who had recently taken a job at a larger church. Part of his new duties are to run their Facebook and Twitter pages, and he asked me for help because it was overloading his schedule. He was spending a lot of time worrying about the things he needed to post and setting up alerts on his calendar to remind him to post. It doesn’t have to be that stressful I told him. There are online tools to help you schedule social media posts.

Free Tools

1) Buffer–With Buffer you can literally stack up updates so that they go out at regular intervals. You can choose what days and what times they go out. You’ll have more flexibility with the paid version, but the free works very well. Buffer has an extension for different browsers so if you come across an article you want to share all you have to do is press a button.

2) Everypost–Everypost is a mobile app where you can not only schedule posts you can also search right on the app and add what you find to your schedule.

3) Hootsuite–Hootsuite is a great way to keep track of your social media accounts, see what other people are posting, and schedule posts yourself. They also have a button you can add to your browser that auto-shortens links as well. There’s also a nice “auto-schedule” feature if there are things that don’t need to go out at a specific time.

Paid Tools

4) Sprout Social–For those churches with a lot of different social media accounts, this might be the way to go. Great analytics and ability to monitor your various accounts. You can also assign tasks to individuals if you have more than one person doing your social media.

5) Social Flow–Social Flow is all about optimizing timing of posts. This is used by professional marketers and big companies. If you’re a big church with lots of stuff going on looking to really reach new people, it might be worth it to go with Social Flow.

Are there other tools you would suggest?

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