6 Newsletter Ideas for Your Church to Send Out This Summer

Newsletters contain the amazing email marketing statistics that are just too good to ignore today. Whether it’s that every $1 spent on email that turns into $44 in value, or that 59% of business-to-business marketers claim email marketing is their most effective channel in revenue generation, it’s hard to deny the prominence and accessibility of email. We all have it on our phones, laptops, and tablets, and we all check it every single day.

Here at Worship Times we have a team dedicated to helping your ministry grow in a variety of ways. If you are looking to start a newsletter campaign, we can have one of our dedicated team members work side-by-side with you to create a custom, personal plan for your ministry. We can not only create a plain tailored specifically for you, but we can help you execute all of your ideas!

What Should I Be Using a Newsletter For?

Many brands choose to send out newsletters as part of their email marketing strategy. Newsletters are simply a collection of written pieces and photos, sometimes video, that sums up a recent experience, event, accomplishment, or describes updates for email subscribers. Many times, people subscribe hoping to learn something new, gain early access to sales, and just overall immerse themselves deeper into their favorite brands.

You want your church to be one of those brands, and you can position it popularly by sending out high quality newsletters biweekly, monthly, or simply, whenever you can!

6 Newsletter Ideas

Here are 6 newsletter ideas for your church to send out this summer:

1. News Updates: This is the easiest option to consider for your church’s newsletter. Simply updating your congregation will help everyone feel thoroughly informed with changes, announcements, and forthcoming events. Additionally, it will show potential members that you care about your church community enough to update everyone as frequently as possible.

Not to mention, this ensures everyone is on the same page, minimizing confusions and miscommunications that can cause congregation members to leave overtime.

News updates can be regarding your church, the staff, forthcoming events, current events, and even worldwide news that pertains to your specific church. The sky is the limit. If you can’t think of anything else, this topic alone should provide you with newsletter content at least biweekly.

2. Message from the Pastor: At the end of the day, people select a church based on their experience with the pastors. They want to feel like the pastor is someone they can relate to, as well as someone that can help them grow in their faith. Don’t feel like you need to hide your pastor. Instead, make him/her accessible to everyone by sending out a monthly newsletter titled “message from the pastor.” Have someone in your staff sit down with the pastor once per month and collect their thoughts.

It can be on a specific Bible reading, a recent discovery, or simply their feelings moving forward. Perhaps, God will place a message on their heart that they can’t help but share.

3. Scripture of the Month: This is another easy option if you can’t think of any other ideas. Pick out a piece of scripture, state it at the top of the email, and further explain what it means below. Try and pick topics that everyday people can relate to; stress, anxiety, grief, anger, resentment, jealously, and so forth. If people feel like your emails provide them with sanity and Biblical education that they need to be happy, then they are going to continue opening your emails and attending your services.

4. Profile Features: Interview authors, musicians, and people within your church, spotlighting one per month. Sit down with them and create an interview-style piece that will make it easier for everyone to get to know them. You can also allow members of your congregation to publish their testimonies, as well as feature employees and volunteers of the month that have gone above and beyond in their role with your congregation.

You can schedule this newsletter to occur 2-weeks apart from your “message from the pastor,” so people aren’t too overwhelmed with the number of in-church newsletters they are receiving.

5. Summer-Themed Faith Tips: Don’t forget to take advantage of the summer season. Send out newsletters that revolve around the season, sharing your personal wisdom and insight as to how Christians can grow in their faith and spread the Good News to people at parks, pools, beaches, and so forth. Use this newsletter as an opportunity to send fun pictures of you and your church staff doing summery things, so people know that you, too, are normal people. Sometimes, churches suffer from serious pastors placing a wall between themselves and their church attendees.

6. Media Only: A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why newsletters can simply be photo captions to recent shots and videos recorded at your church. This is why having a media department on staff is so important – video and photo is still preferred by viewers over plain text. Throw together some fun collages and send that out as an update to your congregation members! Our team can even help your ministry organize and use media effectively not only in your newsletters, but on all of your digital dwellings (social media accounts, websites, video sharing services, etc.)!

Newsletters for Churches

Here at Worship Times, we can help you create, email, and monitor newsletter success at your church. We know you are tasked with running your entire church operation, which is why we manage a plethora of newsletter templates, content, and styles to engage your followers and further immerse your church into your surrounding community.

Take thirty seconds and fill out our getting started form! Our team can answer any questions that you might have and give you some advice if you are feeling overwhelmed! Our help is just a click away!


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