Yesterday we talked about why we have been recommending Breeze as a church management software (CMS) solution for our members. We like how Breeze incorporates the most important elements of a database, event management and financial tracking system (with integrations with Quickbooks), and yet is still simple to use. Our members value user-friendly technology, and so do we!

In order to make the information in Breeze even more user friendly for your church or ministry members, we built a Breeze plug-in for WordPress. This plug-in is available for all WordPress sites, but is also included with your Worship Times membership.

As we said, CMS solutions do not just track how many people came to church on Sunday morning, but can assist in tracking giving, event registrations and payments and signing up volunteers. This plug-in helps you do that directly on your website, and display important information about those things to your members.

Here is a quick video that demonstrates how easy it is to connect your WordPress site to the information in your Breeze database. You’ll notice that it is similar to adding pictures, videos or event lists, which you are already familiar with from editing your Worship Times site and our other training videos.

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