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App Review: PCUSA Daily Prayer

Candles and crossApp Name: Daily Prayer
Developer: PC(USA)
Price: $2.99
For: iPhone/iPad
Released: Oct 31, 2012

I personally have used the PC(USA) Book of Common Worship Daily Prayer on and off for several years. It’s a great resource for simplified morning and evening services especially or if your community chants Psalms. It was difficult for me to follow the daily lectionary and do morning prayer from the BCW Daily Prayer book. If I had to switch books or go from a book to a computer I would get easily distracted and sometimes forget to go back to the Daily Prayer book for the Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession.

I purchased the PC(USA) Daily Prayer app over a week ago and have been using it daily. There are two prayer services currently offered: morning and evening prayer. Both follow the same basic outline and can be modified in both format and font choices (which I was happy to see because I have strong feelings about certain fonts). In format one can change or eliminate the Psalms, the various scripture readings (which follow the 2-year daily lectionary and are in the NRSV), canticles, and the various prayers. One can even choose between two versions of the Lord’s Prayer.There is a low light setting which changes the displayed text from black on a white background to white on a black background.

I trimmed the morning service down to the Psalm that changes daily, the Gospel reading, the full prayer sequence, and the dismissal. I tend to read my devotions out loud, and I really like being able to swipe and have the next portion appear. If I was leading a worship service it would be easy to pass the tablet around and have others read various parts.

The price of $2.99 initially felt too steep compared to other apps; however, for an app I think I’ll use on a regular basis and may even use when leading services I can see dropping the three bucks. However, the app isn’t going to replace the book completely. The app doesn’t have the the Psalms laid out for chanting or the prayers for various occasions, but for the actual daily prayer it’s a great resource. Plus there is no additional cost to download the app to my iPhone which I always have nearby.

If you’re a fan of the Daily Prayer format of morning and evening prayer, this app is definitely a buy. PC(USA) is currently developing more resources and prayers for the app, and I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. Nina Martin
    Nina Martin says:

    Hello Emily
    I’ve been trying to get the Daily Prayers app on my ipad, but when I click on the button from PC USA site or from Google, a white screen comes up.
    Did you do anything different to buy this app?

    Thanks so much



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