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What’s New?

Your website needs will change over time. Perhaps you need a new logo, branding, or website design. Maybe you’ll find that you need a new tool to do those every day tasks or a new project or program altogether. These are some of our favorite puzzles to solve at Worship Times. Finding the right tool for the […]

But What About…

Our top goals for our Worship Times websites are: We want them to look good. We want them to be affordable. We want them to be easy to use, so our members can have the freedom to customize. We design our templates to be elegant in style, and easy to use. We rigorously test our […]

Website Layout and Organization

There is a plethora of general resources available talking about best practice in web design, yet many church websites look like they are allergic to good design principles. Church leadership take the idea of “not being of the world,” and apply it to technology, as if it is a virtue to have an ugly website. […]

Make a Plan!

Churches know that they need to have websites, be on social media and share their faith in new ways. So, they do that. Get a website. Get a Facebook page. Get a Twitter account. Get an Instagram account. Get a Snapchat account. Delete the Snapchat account because your youth groan when you mention it. Then […]

Summer Review: Time for a New Theme?

Fall in the United States typically comes with some standard themes – changing colors in the trees, cooler temperatures (in the Southern part of the U.S. it changes from unbearable heat to comfortable), and the standard school year begins. Even where there are no fall leaves or sweaters coming out of summer storage, new clothes […]

Facebook Pages: Intermediate, Part 2

Yesterday we explored some new ways to use and organize your Facebook page. Now, let’s look at how to tell how your page is reaching people. Action Button You don’t want visitors to just come and look at your Facebook page, you want them to do something while they are there. With the Action Button, […]

Facebook Pages: Intermediate, Part 1

Posts Last month we discussed the basics of getting and maintaining a Facebook page for your ministry. We included tips about the dos and don’ts of Facebook posts. Let’s explore some of the features of your Facebook page that will help make your page a center of engagement with your audience. Post Types Did you […]

Case Study: North American Association for the Catechumenate

Ministry Journey to Baptismal Living/North American Association for the Catechumenate (NAAC) Challenge A complete rebranding, including a new website, logo, name and focus. Details The North American Association for the Catechumenate was formed in 1993 as a part of an internationally renewed interest in adult Christian education for new Christians preparing for baptism. While ‘catechumenate’ […]

Worship Times Features: Hidden Gems

When we hand off a newly built Worship Times site to a member, we offer a run-through of the site’s Dashboard, the tools you will use in editing and adding to your site. One of the most important areas of the Dashboard we highlight is our custom Worship Times area. There are four sub-items under […]

Quick Fix: Resizing Pictures

The correct size and shape of pictures will help a website looking great. If you have a Worship Times site, this especially applies for pictures included in the staff and slider plug-ins, and if you are using featured pages and posts. WordPress does include some simple cropping tools for your pictures. However, it is easier […]