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Case Study: North American Association for the Catechumenate

Ministry Journey to Baptismal Living/North American Association for the Catechumenate (NAAC) Challenge A complete rebranding, including a new website, logo, name and focus. Details The North American Association for the Catechumenate was formed in 1993 as a part of an internationally renewed interest in adult Christian education for new Christians preparing for baptism. While ‘catechumenate’ […]

Worship Times Features: Hidden Gems

When we hand off a newly built Worship Times site to a member, we offer a run-through of the site’s Dashboard, the tools you will use in editing and adding to your site. One of the most important areas of the Dashboard we highlight is our custom Worship Times area. There are four sub-items under […]

Quick Fix: Resizing Pictures

The correct size and shape of pictures will help a website looking great. If you have a Worship Times site, this especially applies for pictures included in the staff and slider plug-ins, and if you are using featured pages and posts. WordPress does include some simple cropping tools for your pictures. However, it is easier […]

ABC’s of WordPress with Worship Times: Pages, part 2

Yesterday we re-introduced you to Pages, and how to enter basic content on your WordPress site. Today we will look at the additional tools you can use to build beautiful pages throughout your site. Your page content and format is the main way you will distinguish your pages from others on the internet, and even […]

ABC’s of WordPress with Worship Times: Pages, part 1

Periodic refreshers are helpful from time to time. These how-to can be a help to remind, encourage and instruct WordPress users as they work on their sites. Pages Pages are the basic building blocks of your WordPress site. Unless your site’s overall focus is a blog*, most of your content will be contained on pages. […]

Social Media How-To: Facebook Pages 101, Part 1

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your church or ministry, we recommend you create one, today. It’s a great way to share information, events, connect people to your website, boost information to people in your community, and so much more! Here is why and how: Why 79% of adults in the United States […]

New Feature: Instagram Gallery

Instagram is becoming more and more popular as a social media platform for organizations as well as individuals. Storytelling through images is both ancient and brand new. In ancient times when few people were literate, word pictures created through oral storytelling kept the story of Jesus alive. But visual arts were also central to the […]

Case Study: First Presbyterian Church of Ramsey

Ministry First Presbyterian Church of Ramsey (Ramsey, NJ) Challenge A new website solution that also integrated with their church management software (CMS). Details First Presbyterian Church of Ramsey (FPC, Ramsey) wanted a new website, updating both the platform and the look. They also wanted to retain their CMS because they liked the robust capabilities it […]

Breeze Plug-in for WordPress

Yesterday we talked about why we have been recommending Breeze as a church management software (CMS) solution for our members. We like how Breeze incorporates the most important elements of a database, event management and financial tracking system (with integrations with Quickbooks), and yet is still simple to use. Our members value user-friendly technology, and […]