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Case Study: First Presbyterian Church of Ramsey

Ministry First Presbyterian Church of Ramsey (Ramsey, NJ) Challenge A new website solution that also integrated with their church management software (CMS). Details First Presbyterian Church of Ramsey (FPC, Ramsey) wanted a new website, updating both the platform and the look. They also wanted to retain their CMS because they liked the robust capabilities it […]

Announcing a New Breeze Plug-in for WordPress

Yesterday we talked about why we have been recommending Breeze as a church management software (CMS) solution for our members. We like how Breeze incorporates the most important elements of a database, event management and financial tracking system (with integrations with Quickbooks), and yet is still simple to use. Our members value user-friendly technology, and […]

Church Management Software and a New Plug-in!

One of the most frequent questions we have heard from members and prospective members in the last year is about church databases or church management software (CMS). Specifically, people are looking for web-based solutions that will also integrate with their websites. Tracking membership, giving and attendance at the very least are not just about counting […]

Summer Review: Accessibility

This week, we are honored to hear from a guest author, the Rev. Laura Bratton, about the importance of making your websites accessible to those with different physical and mental abilities. Rev. Bratton is a coach and consultant who works with people to face difficult situations with courage. You can find out more about Rev. […]

Summer Review: New Theme?

Fall in the United States typically comes with some standard themes – changing colors in the trees, cooler temperatures (in the Southern part of the U.S. it changes from unbearable heat to comfortable), and the standard school year begins. Even where there are no fall leaves or sweaters coming out of summer storage, new clothes […]

Summer Review: Organization

Following up on last week’s post, we are talking about doing some website review and cleanup as we close out the summer. Last week we talked about getting rid of old and outdates information and photos, and this week we want to talk about your website’s organization. Many people don’t think much about how their […]

Summer Review: Old Stuff, New Stuff

As the rate of support requests increases at Worship Times, we can tell summer is winding down for our member ministries. Vacations are ending, Fall programs kick-offs are on the horizon, and people are looking to clean up their websites. This is a perfect time to kick off our end-of-summer blog series on reviewing your […]