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Pokémon Go and Community

Pokémon Go has been a major topic of conversation around the world for the past two weeks. What is a Pokémon, you ask, and why should I care where they want to go? You may also wonder why you have seen people randomly walking around looking at their phones (more than normal), especially in the […]

Introducing: Jennifer Haley!

Things are getting exciting at Worship Times! We have a lot of new members, and together we are engaging in exciting new forms of digital ministry. As we grow our membership, we have been looking for the right people to add on our Worship Times team so we can continue to meet the needs and dreams […]

So, You’re Ready for a New Website: Content

A Good Church Website Communicates: A reflection of who your church is. Your commitment to communication in various forms. Your awareness to reach outside your walls. Ability to generate discussion and connection. As body language, grammar, and eye contact are to personal communication, a well-designed website is to digital communication. “Design isn’t just what it […]

Tips & Tricks: Recurring Events End-Dates

A couple months ago we talked about the ins-and-outs of entering recurring events into Event Manager. There are a lot of great features included in the recurring event option in Event Manager, but there are a few things to remember that we’d like to highlight today: Recurring Event End Dates In Worship Times sites we […]