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Saint Paul Used Social Media

By Emily Hope Morgan Things have changed with social media. Back in 2005 when I first got on Facebook only college students could get a Facebook account. Even back in 2009 when I started seminary many churches who at that point could get on Facebook didn’t want to, and many people thought Twitter was for […]

The Front Page: The New Front Door

The front door of a church tells you a lot about the distinctive identity of the faith community. It’s the first impression people have of your church. For example, a carved oak door on an two hundred year church speaks to its history. But when a church’s front doors aren’t well marked or are in poor condition, […]

Featured Client: NEXT Church

NEXT Church was formed around the questions that have arisen in a turbulent time in the church. Specifically, as the Presbyterian Church (USA) has seen people and churches leaving for other denominations, or no worshipping community at all, anxiety around identity and the future of the churches and people remaining in the denomination have led […]

Top 5 Things Church Visitors Look For: #5 – Content

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of worship times, events and calendars, staff pages and media, what else are people looking for on your ministry’s website? Content, of course – this includes pictures and other important information about locations and times of Sunday School, the nursery, youth group, Bible studies, mission projects and office […]

The Cost of Neglecting Your Church Website

“We don’t need a website.”   “Our website is fine. We just updated it 7 years ago.” Have you heard this in your ministry or congregation? Have you said it? Too often and for many ministries, your website is the last thing to get attention. Updates become after thoughts on Saturday evening, a dreaded chore. […]

Featured Client: UNCO

Worship Times was founded in order to help ministries tell their stories through digital media. We created a platform that was easily accessible to users – both technologically and financially – but also provided the highest quality websites and digital communications. We believed that quality did not have to be sacrificed for affordability or user […]