Benefits of the Gig Economy: Why You Should Partner With Experts

Gone are the days when we had no way to communicate in real-time with individuals, experts, and team members strewn throughout the planet. Today, the gig economy, known as the ever-changing bloc of individuals offering freelancing and specialized services to businesses throughout the world, is only growing in prominence, with 50% of the U.S. workforce expected to partake in this new workforce by 2020.

Right now, 24% of workers claim they have earned some kind of income from this new economy in 2017, and we are expecting that number to nearly double by the onset of 2019.

There’s good reason why this new kind of work arrangements are increasing in popularity. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, providing experts with the ability to make their own schedules and curate their own lives, while businesses are benefitting from hiring experts as opposed to the “jack-of-all-trade” hires that can be a serious drain on their budget.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a brilliant idea:

  1. Specialization: This one goes without saying, but obviously, members of the gig economy are pursuing their one passion, and they’re doing it with extreme fervor. Since the gig economy is also part of the global economy, now individuals can specialize in just one thing and offer it up to a market of 7 billion plus people. As a result, businesses can access specialized services that ensure the individual is more adept and experienced in a very specific niche service or product. With this specialization, businesses can count on a quality finished result that would not have been possible with a “catch-all” worker doing their best to wear 5 different hats at once.
  2. Cost Savings: It costs a lot to onboard a new full-time member to your team. They are going to require a salary, benefits, leave and paid sick time, and the list goes on. When you hire someone, you are committing to their livelihood and well-being financially until they are no longer with you, which as you know, is a serious investment on behalf of the ministry. However, what if this person is just mediocre, or isn’t capable of earning the mastery title in the services you require? You now just invested in a person that is helping you stay afloat, but certainly isn’t helping you grow. When you instead partner that work with an expert, you aren’t paying their salary or benefits. You are paying for their attention to a few specialized projects. In the end, the cost savings are astronomical.
  3. Productivity Enhancement: How many times have you come into work, only to see some of your workforce twiddling their thumbs or staring at their phones? Downtime can creep its way into the workplace, especially if work and projects aren’t being allocated properly. Instead of worrying about this kind of work distribution, you can simply outsource the projects to experts who are expected to complete the work in X amount of time. It’s now up to their team to get it done, and get it done productively. It’s one less management stress on your plate.
  4. Happier Workers: Countless studies show that the millennial generation values their scheduling and time above all else. That means those working within this new gig economy mindset actually come with a greater sense of personal satisfaction and happiness. They love what they are doing, and they love that they can do it anytime, anywhere. The result? A happier workforce. Happier workers mean better quality projects, a willingness to communicate with you, and the energy to go above and beyond where required. You won’t even have to track them down or work hard to inspire this kind of passion – it will already be there.

The benefits are numerous for this kind of decentralized workforce today. But what about the extent to which you should invest in it?

Gig Economy Teams vs. One Person

You don’t just need to work with lone actors floating around the gig economy. There are entire teams and businesses that are offering up their team expertise to solve your problem for you, without being added to your payroll. If you aren’t satisfied with mediocrity, this is your best chance of obtaining perfect service support in a quick and timely fashion that won’t break your bank.


Worship Times

Here at Worship Times, we provide our clients with access to a team of digital marketing specialists, designers, developers, communication directors, social media managers and project managers.  Carrying a niche focus in the growth and development of ministries. Our team is ready to handle all online marketing, social media management, and website design and development, inserting our specialty so you can worry about running your house of worship.

Plus, you’re always working directly with just one project manager.  So, from your standpoint it’s like hiring one partner who then has access to a full team of experts.  We do the management for you

As proud members of the gig economy, we want you to benefit from our passion while we enhance your ministry overnight. Consider the power of wading into this new kind of workforce pairing. We love what we do!


If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.  We’d love to talk more with you.


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