That’s a Worship Times Page!

The other day I accidentally deleted my church’s newsletter from my inbox and went to their website to download the file. I was shocked to see a site completely different from the one they had before. Since I began attending this church in 2009 they had kept the same basic website with only recent information being updated.

Plainsboro Pres Homepage

The new site features a scrolling picture wheel from various church events, worship information right up front, upcoming events listed down the side, and a helpful links bar at the top. Straightforward but dynamic and effective.

Scrolling down, I saw the Worship Times logo at the bottom. What?! I thought to myself. That’s a Worship Times page! I have worked for Worship Times for a few months now, mostly behind the scenes. I had no idea that my own church was working with Worship Times to create this new site.

All last year I interned with another church, so I wasn’t able to keep up on what was happening at mine. The new site gave me tons of information about what was going on over the summer and what was going to happen during the fall. I found out we had a new Director of Music (and when choir practice is). I even learned about the history of the church. (The founding pastor was tried for heresy!)

Most importantly, even though the site was new this was still my church. Our beloved prayer doves are featured as part of the picture wheel, our newly updated Mission and Values statement is under the “About Us” link, and everything sounds real and authentic. They didn’t have to change anything about us in order to make a site that is usable for members, visitors, and the curious alike. That’s a Worship Times page.

The Intersection of Theology and Technology

Worship Times is a community of churches dedicated to pursuing a faithful witness in the midst of a society that is rapidly embracing technology as a primary medium of communication. While there was a day when there might only be one telephone in an entire neighborhood, now it not uncommon for each member of the family to have their own mobile phone, not to mention the plethora of other computers and internet connected devices that dominate the technology markets. Like the intersection between gospel and science or gospel and culture, the intersection between gospel and technology is fraught with both highly practical moral concerns (e.g. can children bear the responsibility of technology adequately?) as well as questions of authority.

As part of our encounter with the gospel of Jesus Christ, the church is moved to discern what place technology should play in our communal life.  Should it be considered a medium through which the gospel must be preached, or is it dangerous to our life together and should be resisted? These questions, and many that follow them, require sustained prayer, attention to scripture, and theological reflection. It is my hope that Worship Times will be a place for inquiry and theological exploration of these important themes. Its purpose is not to provide answers, but to provide tools so that your body of believers can be empowered to live faithfully in your own place and community.

These tools will take varied forms. Some will be incredibly practical, exploring advancing technologies and considering how they could be employed in your church. You don’t need to subscribe to a hundred of other technology blogs to see how you could use the technology for your church’s ministry, we will notify you when there are great shifts coming in the technological world and how they might impact your ministry. In other cases, we will engage in theological and scriptural reflection, seeking to discern what role technology should play as we witness to the lordship Jesus Christ. Not every technology is equally useful for every congregation or ministry and we want to be a conversation partner with you as you seek to be a faithful witness in the post-technological age. Regardless of the form the tools take, Worship Times is a community of believers seeking to rightly appropriate technology to serve the church in its larger mission and ministry.

Let me encourage you to subscribe to the Worship Times blog, we look forward to bringing you a rich selection of information that will assist you in your life and ministry.

Proudly Using WordPress

For the last few weeks I’ve been stewing over a way to explain why we use open-source software for Worship Times.  More importantly, why we use WordPress.  In my research for statistics, I came across this amazing post by Lorelle that perfectly sums up the “why WordPress” question.  If you’d like to learn more about WordPress and why we use it, visit Lorelle’s blog here.  If you still have questions, please leave us a comment.

Blessings on your ministry.

Hello World! Worship Times is on its Way

You may ask, what is all this chatter about Worship Times?

Simply put? Worship Times is a revolutionary new approach for Church Ministries to establish their presence on the internet.

Corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars employing entire design teams to hand craft their websites. As a result, today’s congregations are used to high quality web design, whose tastes have been finely tuned by large organizations who have enough resources to commission a “great website.”

Let’s face it, most churches simply do not have the money needed to commission a “great website.” In reality, this is not an entirely a bad thing. After all, isn’t the church’s first calling to do ministry, not web design?

Unfortunately, however, many churches have been unable to keep up with the advances in web design techniques and are left with websites that are more of a hindrance to their ministries than a useful tool. (Trust us, we have seen some doozies!)

Worship Times has been designed to bring the expertise of full time web developers to church web design while also creating a cost effective solution. The result? You get a a great website at a fair price, making it possible for you to use your budget for mission while using the rapidly advancing web technology to work for you, rather than against you.