Online camper engagement is a vital component of a successful virtual summer camp. One of the best parts of summer camp are the amazing friendships you make. Don’t forget to include ways for campers to engage in your online portal. 

Here are a few things to consider as you set up your portal and your virtual summer camp experience.


camper-engagementCommunity Code of Conduct

Just like you would the first time your camper group gathers as a cabin or small group, you will want to lead your campers through creating a community code of conduct. Have them create the rules they will follow in how to treat each other online. Post it and have them all comment their names as a way of signing and agreeing to the covenant with each other. Create a safe online community for camper engagement.


Create Space for Sharing

As you set up your portal, think about ways to engage with your campers. Remember that you will have both introverted and extroverted campers. Some kids will want to think about a response, while others will blurt out and interrupt to be first. Enable comments, utilize forms, use break out groups in live-streamed events. Create as many ways to interact and share as possible.


Ask Open Ended Questions

It’s something that is so easy to forget. If you ask yes/no questions, you will get one word responses. Ask questions that require a little bit more information sharing. Even when setting kids up for a task, game, or craft. Expand their potential responses with creative questions and mind-expanding thoughts.



Virtual Camp Portal

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Worship Times

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