Social Media How-To: Facebook Pages 101, Part 2

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In Part 1 we talked about why and how to get a Facebook page for your ministry. Today we want to share a few tips about what and how to post.

Get Started

When posting on social media, a good rule of thumb from people who have been doing this a long time is a 1:5 ratio – 1 post about yourself to 5 posts about/from other sources. This is a goal to set, even if you don’t hit it every 6 post rotation. Don’t think of your Facebook page as a Facebook version of your newsletter or announcements.


  • Post sermons or other ministry-generated content.
  • Post blog posts/announcements about unique ministries.
  • Post pictures (posts with pictures catch viewers’ eyes).
  • Post and share pictures and memes that fit the personality of your ministry.
  • Share pictures, updates and articles from other ministries and general news sources that might spur good conversations about faith and your work together.
  • Highlight your members/participants as appropriate.


  • Only post information and announcements from your ministry.
  • Only share pictures from your events, without any context. Would a visitor know what is going on if they hadn’t been there?
  • Only post updates with words and zero graphics – some of these are ok, but don’t make it a habit
  • Tag children or parents in a picture of a child or youth. There are definitely times to post these pictures, but by not tagging children or parents, they can remain anonymous.

Next Steps

We’ll go deeper into tools and advanced uses of Facebook pages in the upcoming months. With the advent of the Facebook Live live-streaming video tools built into your page, we recommend some further reading and testing!

We’d love to hear what you’ve posted or LIVE streamed, what has worked and what hasn’t worked so well. Your experience, context and end results can be a resource to others.


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