Facebook Pages: Intermediate, Part 1

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Last month we discussed the basics of getting and maintaining a Facebook page for your ministry. We included tips about the dos and don’ts of Facebook posts. Let’s explore some of the features of your Facebook page that will help make your page a center of engagement with your audience.

Post Types

Did you know that there are more types of posts than just simple text, links or media, like photos and videos? You can also create an ad, event, survey, write a note and more. Try out different types of posts – you never know what might reach people in new ways.

Post Settings

One of the features that is unique to Facebook pages is the ability to schedule posts or create draft posts that you can come back to at a later time to revise and schedule. Click on the arrow next to the “Publish” button in order to use these features. You can also backdate posts, which might be useful for past events you want to add to your timeline.

Publishing Tools

In the publishing tools area you will find your scheduled and draft posts, if you need to edit them. There are a few other unique tools you can check out to help you with video, forms and unique advertising (Canvas).

Page Settings 

There are several items you can adjust in your page settings to create a page environment that fits your ministry. Most of the settings you will use will be in the “General” settings area – who can comment or post on your page, whether your reviews are turned on or off, and more.

Edit Page

Editing your page allows you to rearrange, add and delete elements on your page to highlight the information most relevant to your audience and make them easily accessible. In this section, you can try out different templates and adjust the tabs displayed. Tabs are found on the left sidebar in the current standard page template.

Next Steps

Try out some different post types, take a look at your page layout, and stay tuned for part 2 (tomorrow), where we’ll look into some tools to measure how you are doing.



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