Facebook Pages: Intermediate, Part 2

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Social Media | 0 comments

Yesterday we explored some new ways to use and organize your Facebook page. Now, let’s look at how to tell how your page is reaching people.

Action Button

You don’t want visitors to just come and look at your Facebook page, you want them to do something while they are there. With the Action Button, you can send them to your website, have them sign up for a class or special event, or participate in a fundraiser. If you are designated as a non-profit pages you have the option of creating a donation button. You can confirm your status in your page settings.


Page Insights

Page Insights show you how your page is performing, week to week, month to month, etc. You can see overall page performance as well as details on specific posts, how people are using your page, who your page is reaching, and more. Insights can help you figure out what type of posts work best for your audience, as well as the best days and times of day to post.  Numbers aren’t everything, but the point of social media is to be social and interact, and your page statistics can tell you how well you are doing.

Next Steps

Learning to use your Facebook page well is all about trying, seeing what works, and making adjustments to improve interaction and engagement. Even the most expert social media professionals are constantly evolving their Facebook strategy.

Try some different types of posts, experiment with ads, and add an action button. Let us know what gets the most engagement, and what you tried that didn’t work, but you’d love to adjust and try again.


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