Featured Client: NEXT Church

NEXT Church was formed around the questions that have arisen in a turbulent time in the church. Specifically, as the Presbyterian Church (USA) has seen people and churches leaving for other denominations, or no worshipping community at all, anxiety around identity and the future of the churches and people remaining in the denomination have led to conversations and gatherings to address those anxieties and fears head on.

NEXT Church strives not to blow up the church, but look for new answers and new ways of living into the old questions in this ancient faith. Leaders who attend NEXT gatherings and form connections and networks within the NEXT community are looking to form, reform and transform themselves and their communities around the hope found in Christ, an antidote to our anxieties.

NEXT doesn’t seek to stop people from having questions and doubts, but to have fruitful and life-giving conversations about those questions, to reframe answers around hope, instead of fear, and to connect leaders in the PC(USA) who are doing just that.

Worship Times has had the privilege of working alongside NEXT Church as they have grown, asked questions about their own identity, and come up with some interesting answers about where they are, and where they want to go. In the last few months, we have worked closely with NEXT leadership to update their branding and website, to match their renewed understanding of who NEXT Church is, and where NEXT is going. We were excited to be able to reveal the new website and logo to kick off the national gathering happening this week.

We look forward to our continued ministry partnership with NEXT Church, and we are excited to see what new ministry ideas lay ahead for those engaged with their gatherings and conversations. This is the sort of relationship we seek with Worship Times members, and we are blessed to see it happen time and time again. We celebrate NEXT Church’s ministry, and we would love to celebrate with your ministry, too!


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