Get Ready for Lent

While it feels like we just finished Christmastide, we must look ahead. Lent is just around the corner and it is time to prepare for this most important season of preparation. If you are feeling tapped out, we completely understand. 2020 was overwhelming and has left us all exhausted. But, Worship Times has your back.

We have put together weekly engagement tools for the entirety of Lent. Each week has a central theme, prayers, actions, graphics, and ways to connect with your community, whether virtually or in-person.

Learn how to use these tools in this 15 Minute Webmaster Class.

You can watch all of our Webmaster Classes in our Class Archive.

Worship Times

Worship Times is a full-service digital marketing and communication team that specializes in helping ministries of all sizes and denominations reach their people. We hope these Lenten resources provide support for your community this year. 


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