For many people, learning new technology is like learning a new language, with an entirely different alphabet. While kids have a tendency to pick up new programs and applications easily, their parents might have a harder time. Make it as easy as possible for your virtual camp families this summer by writing clear instructions for your platform and your programs.

Follow these tips to write clear, easy to follow instructions for your virtual summer camp.


Use Cue Formula 

Verb > Pronoun > Noun > In a direction/way

It may seem silly, but give it a try.  

  • Cut > the > heart > along the dotted lines. 
  • Circle > your > arms > forward. 
  • Print > the > PDF > at 85%.

When you use cue formula, you distill the directions down into simple commands. One step at a time. Cue formula creates easy to follow instructions in a snap.


Use Active Language

Think about direct, action verbs. Without falling down a rabbit hole of English grammar, avoid using -ing and future tense “be” and “go” verbs. Turn, “You are going to want to cut…” into “Cut.” That is exactly what you want them to do. Say it.


Eliminate extra words

Whenever possible, nix unnecessary words. 

For example, ‘You are going to want to adjust your settings so you can print the pdf at 85% of it’s original size so that the image fits on the paper,’ has 29 words, 5 of which are verbs. ‘Print > the > PDF > at 85%,’ has 5 words total. 

Imagine the list of directions written out if each step has at least 29 words. The paper will be filled with so much language that the process will look more intricate than it actually is. Make it easy on your campers and their parents. Eliminate the extra words.


Reduce to Three Easy Steps

3-easy-stepsNow, we know that not everything can be done in just 3 steps. Group each activity into 3 overarching categorical steps. These steps can have more detailed steps within each category. Your directions will be easy to understand instead of overwhelming. Please note that sometimes you can use 4 steps, but never use 5.

If you follow these simple steps, your directions will be easy to follow.



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