How Your Church Can Benefit from Summer Fever in its Social Media Marketing

People are emerging from their homes, stretching their arms, looking up at the sun, and feeling overall more hopeful than a few months prior. We can’t help but be affected by the weather as humans, which means it’s the perfect opportunity for you to capitalize through your social media marketing.

People want to see social media campaigns that center around this care-free summer attitude, which is exactly what you are going to do with your church’s social media outreach this week.

Get Excited with Social Media!

Whether it’s the 2.5 billion global social media users, or simply the ability to target segments of groups that are likely to join your church, here are a few ways your church can leverage spring fever in its social media marketing this week:

1. Take Advantage of Spring/Summer Holidays: With Flag Day and the 4th of July on the horizon, use these fun, patriotic, and feel-good holidays to your advantage. Create graphics, images, and quotes with your church’s logo embedded onto the picture, as people share them around social media. Take pictures of you and your staff at firework displays, doing normal, fun things that make your church seem more approachable.

Potentially host church gatherings around these holidays, like a church summer picnic on the 4th. Use social media to spread the word and unite people around their common excitement for these all-American holidays.

2. Feature Congregation Summer Fun: It doesn’t always need to be content coming from you and you staff. You can involve the people that attend your church, too. Encourage everyone to send their funnest summer image to you weekly, with the winners featured on your social media and in your newsletter. Advertise this through your social media so that potential attendees see how fun and inclusive your church is – they will associate you with a welcoming image that they will remember this weekend when they look for their final church selection.

3. Create Summer Hashtags: Everybody loves a good, catchy hashtag. Consider one around summer fun, jubilee, relaxation, and so forth, like #SummerSunday (or something cleverer). This should be a day in which everyone is encouraged to get outside and enjoy the warm summer air, which we all know, can be gone too soon. Encourage your church attendees to use the hashtag on their posts, with a potential feature of the best tagged post each week as part of your congregation summer fun showcase. It never hurts to get people involved – we all want to feel like we belong! These photos can also be a great piece for your ministry’s newsletter!

4. Host a Spring Contest: This is a little more challenging for a church, since you are not a for-profit business. However, everyone loves some fun competition, which is why you can create a spring or summer themed contest, perhaps around volunteering. See how many hours people can sign up for in the month of June and July and announce the winner at the beginning of August. Spotlight the person on your social media accounts and in your newsletter, as well as at a few service times. Attention can be enough of an incentive for people to give back.

5. Behind-the-Scenes Content: You know better than anyone how much work goes into the running of a church. From the worship team, to individual meetings, to finalizing a sermon, it’s a full-time job. Try showcasing some of this behind the scenes activity in photos and videos this spring and summer season, allowing your church members to feel like part of your creative process. It’s always great to be transparent – people will take note of your openness!

6. Create a “Welcome” Video: If your church doesn’t already have a welcome video, now is the time to make it. With summer in full swing, people look happier and healthier, which means it’s time to put them in a video. Create a welcome message from the pastor and his/her family, as well as a few testimonials sprinkled in. Feature some outside drone footage of your church, especially since it will look its best during the summer months. Pin this video to the top of your Facebook feed, and share it on Instagram with targeted hashtags for ultimate reach.

Church Social Media Marketing Ideas

It’s not always easy coming up with fresh social media marketing ideas for your church every single day, which is why here at Worship Times, we’re happy to do it for you. With spring in the air, and summer right around the corner, we’re ready to capitalize from this joyous period on your behalf, starting with your church’s social media presence!

Ready to get started? Contact us today and we can help you and your ministry get your social media accounts ready for the summer! Let us handle the details so you can focus on running your ministry. Our dedicated team is only a single click away!


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