Social Media for Churches 101: Your Free 2019 Guide

Did you know as of this month, 2.77 billion people worldwide use social media on a daily basis? And the vast majority of those social media users are signing onto their accounts and sifting around content for more than 2-hours. Social media is here, and it is a...

Quick Fix: Resizing Pictures

The correct size and shape of pictures will help a website looking great. If you have a Worship Times site, this especially applies for pictures included in the staff and slider plug-ins, and if you are using featured pages and posts. WordPress does include some...

Embed Google Slides

Want to add Google Slides to your Worship Times website? This video tutorial will show you just how easy it is.

Live Stream Your Worship Service or Event

Using uStream and Worship Times you can now live stream any event directly from your Worship Times website. This video tutorial shows you how easy it is.