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Instagram is becoming more and more popular as a social media platform for organizations as well as individuals. Storytelling through images is both ancient and brand new.

In ancient times when few people were literate, word pictures created through oral storytelling kept the story of Jesus alive. But visual arts were also central to the practice and passing on of our Christian tradition, from wall paintings to stained glass to frescoes to illumination to iconography.

Some traditions stripped away visual media, favoring the word as they centered Word and Sacrament. At the same time the printing press allowed the printed word to get to everyone, which encouraged literacy. Words became the central means of transmitting the tradition.

But people haven’t changed all that much. We learn and absorb stories in different ways, so words alone are not enough. Even the most well-read among us can appreciate pictures, sculptures, movies and memes. It is no wonder that Instagram and Snapchat are growing so quickly, and that some of the most popular posts on Facebook are ones with pictures or videos.

Pictures are a quick way to tell a bigger story, which is why we encourage our members to have pictures on their websites that communicate who they are, and share the stories of their ministries. We have a new tool to help you do just that.

Our new feature added the ability to put an Instagram gallery directly on your Worship Times site. We know many currently have Instagram accounts, and would love to easily share those pictures to your websites. For those of you considering adding an Instagram account for your ministry, this new feature may help in the decision

Check out how easy it is to add an Instagram gallery:


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