No More ✂️!! Box Tops for Education Fundraising is Now on Your 📲

Box Tops for EducationI can’t be the only person that still has a large stash of Box Tops coupons that I’ve torn off cereal boxes over the years. I would throw mine in this drawer just past the rolling pin and pot holders. Our church has collected them for years to support our local elementary school and its teachers. It’s one of the most popular fundraising campaigns for schools across the country.

Starting in 1996 Box Tops began to appear on select General Mills cereals, such as my favorite Honey Nut Cheerios. Customers were invited to cut those Box Tops off the boxes and send them to schools, where they are able to be submitted and redeemed for cash. Over the years teachers like my own mother have been able to use these funds to purchase critical classroom supplies.

In 2019 it was announced that the fundraising campaign was going fully digital. Now shoppers are invited to digitally scan store receipts that include participating items with the new app. Once scanned, Box Tops for Education funds will be automatically added to the running total for the selected school of your choice.

As you can imagine this change has caused confusion and a decrease in participation which has had a negative impact on schools. Consider using the tools provided by the Box Tops for Education program to inform your church members about how they can get back to supporting local schools and teachers in this simple way.


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