There Are No Small Questions

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Websites | 0 comments

When the big work of building your website is done, the questions that come up after you start using your website can seem small in comparison. But little questions can add up. And…Worship Times doesn’t think any of your questions are small or inconsequential. It’s why we built our video tutorial Learning Center and support ticket Support Center right into the Dashboard of our websites.

From questions like, “I forgot how to add a page?” to “How do I add pictures to my home page slider?” to “Can we change our theme?” or “What does our monthly membership fee pay for?” we are happy to answer your questions.

We would rather you ask a question you might think is small and silly, than for those questions to keep piling up, making your website a burden rather than a useful tool for your ministry.

Also, your “small” question may be a bigger deal than you think. Asking about what seems to be a tiny glitch could help uncover a larger problem. Members reporting small problems have led us to find and fix bugs quickly, before they became system-wide issues.

Your little questions can also lead you to a deeper understanding of how your website works, and using the tools Worship Times provides in new ways. We are always delighted when we can answer questions and our members say, “I learned something new today!”

And if something is just not working, or your website starts looking dated, please reach out. Don’t keep a frustration to yourself – we can help! If something isn’t working, or you need to do something new, or you just don’t like the color scheme anymore – ask us! We may have an easy answer, and if we need to do more research, we love diving deep into challenges as well. We want you to know you are not alone.

Our memberships exist so that Worship Times will continue to walk with you as partners in your digital ministry. You bring your message, and we bring the skills and experience to help you share that message. So, no question is too small. Ask us!


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