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There are so many online resources we use in our everyday life–e-mail, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook. There is so much online that can help boost our spiritual lives not just through social media but also all over. There are so many blogs and downloads it can be hard to find something that you can use for personal spiritual practices that updates on a regular basis. Worship Times has put together a list of resources that we hope will help you find God in your everyday life.

-The Daily Lectionary is a 2-year cycle of scripture readings meant for personal reflection that offers a morning Psalm, an Old Testament reading, an Epistle reading, a Gospel reading, and an evening Psalm. You can also subscribe to get it e-mailed to you (on the left above “more information”)!  The PC(USA) is also planning to release an iPhone/iPad app later this fall. Keep an eye out for that!

-The Hear the Word Podcast, also by the PC(USA), is an audio recording of the Revised Common Lectionary (read on Sundays by many churches) with an Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle, and Gospel reading. You can also go to your iTunes and search “Hear the Word” and subscribe to the podcast to easily put it on your computer and mp3 players.

-Also an audio recording, Pray-as-you-go is designed for people to listen to while traveling on their mp3 players (although it could be used anywhere). It’s made by the British Jesuits and features beautiful music, one scripture reading, and questions for contemplation. It is also available as a podcast. Search for “Pray as you go.”

-The popular devotional Our Daily Bread has a podcast and a daily e-mail with devotions. You can also listen or read the devotions online daily without having to subscribe.

Day1 is a multimedia resource designed for Mainline Christians that includes a weekly sermon podcast, video conversations, an app called “Call on Faith.”

-Many churches offer prayers and reflections through e-mail or on their website (sometimes even on Facebook). For example, Christ Presbyterian Church in Martinsville, NJ offers a Thought for Contemplation every day. Check your church’s website.


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