Social Media Plan 4: Leadership

faviconThis post is the fifth in a series about developing a social media plan in a church or ministry. Read the Introduction, Part 1 Aim, Part 2 Connection, Part 3 Interactivity.

Our next question in making a social media plan is a big one:

4. Who will be in charge of this new social media?

Whether or not you expect content to come from those in charge or those you’re aiming to connect with, someone needs to be placed in charge of your new social media. Someone needs to have responsibility, visibility, and ability to delegate when necessary.

Depending on the type of social media, who you want it to reach, and how interactive it is, think about who would be best equipped to handle this social media. The pastor, the website manager, a church leader, a youth? Who in your church has gifts in communication, organization, and technology?

Another important question is: will the person in charge be paid? That doesn’t have to be decided now, but it is a question to be on your radar. If a staff member will be put in charge, how will they handle this new social media along with their other duties?

The First Church of Cityville has decided to begin a blog or podcast to encourage individual spiritual practices within their church with a forum for discussion. They decide the blog is a good first step. First Church has a paid part-time webmaster who is going to help set up the blog, but the responsibility for creating content and involving other people to write content has to go to someone else.

Pastor Dean, the associate for pastoral care, realizes the inspirational email sent out weekly could easily be adapted into a blog format and there is a huge backlog of these emails. Pastor Dean agrees to take leadership of the blog for the time being and seek out gifted individuals within the congregation to write for it.

First Church of Cityville’s Social Media Plan
Step 1 (Aim): encouraging individual spiritual practices
Step 2 (Connection): members and regular attenders of the church
Step 3 (Interactivity): Blog or Podcast and a Forum for discussion
Step 4 (Leadership): Associate Pastor



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