Social Media Plan 5: Support

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faviconThis post is the sixth in a series about developing a social media plan in a church or ministry. Read the Introduction, Part 1 Aim, Part 2 Connection, Part 3 Interactivity, Part 4 Leadership.

The next question while you’re planning to use a new type of social media is:

How will the person in charge of the new social media be supported?

Try to think through and anticipate the kind of support the person in charge of this new social media will need. Will the person in charge of this new social media need to coordinator with anyone? Is there tech support available? Who is going to write the job/volunteer description for this new position or add it to an existing job description? Does that description need to be checked by a personnel committee?

This is also a good time to brainstorm not only who will be in charge of the new social media but who will help create content. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of at least a couple people especially if your new social media will need to be updated on a regular schedule. Before beginning your new social media, you could write out several blog posts, create several podcasts, etc. to not only get you started but also a few to keep in reserve just in case. That will also give you more time to create content thoughtfully instead of scrambling at the last minute to get something up. Having multiple people creating content eases the time commitment on the person in charge, giving them time to focus on developing new things, bringing in more people, or evaluating the social media.

This is also the time to figure out where this new social media will be placed on your current website. A new Twitter account can be set up on your homepage, but things like blogs most of the time work better on their own page.

The First Church of Cityville already has a focused idea of what they want the new social media to do, who it will connect with, how interactive it will be, and who will be the person in charge. Looking at how that person will be supported the church leaders suggested the names of several individuals in the congregation who already blog or write. Pastor Dean, the one who has taken leadership of the new social media, agreed to reach out to these people to see if they would be willing to contribute blog posts. Pastor Dean also knows the backlog of inspirational emails could easily be adapted for blog posts for quick updates or developed more fully for longer posts.

Since First Church has a Worship Times website, they know integrating social media into the website will be easy since Worship Times offers a whole range of social media tools that are constantly being adapted and updated. Pastor Dean will work with the church’s webmaster and begin organizing the blog posts are they are written. As the church leaders want to include a podcast and forum after a few months, they know they will have to invest in recording equipment and editing software. Pastor Dean hopes to bring in a couple talented lay people to assist in the recording and editing of the podcasts with the assistance of the webmaster. Worship Times also makes incorporating podcasts into the website simple and automatically updates the webpage once you submit the podcast to iTunes.

First Church of Cityville’s Social Media Plan
Step 1 (Aim): encouraging individual spiritual practices
Step 2 (Connection): members and regular attenders of the church
Step 3 (Interactivity): Blog or Podcast and a Forum for discussion
Step 4 (Leadership): Associate Pastor
Step 5 (Support): webmaster and lay church leaders


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