Digital Ministry With Worship Times

“If you had three Communications positions, what would they be?” – from a recent post in a Facebook group for church communicators.

Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends

Three? 3! We love that churches that have the money are spending it on good communication ministry that seeks to reach out beyond their own congregation and Christian circles. However, most ministries can’t afford to hire even a part-time digital minister or communications director. Many denominations are also struggling to afford to hire people who are technically savvy, theologically grounded, and literate in both Bible and practical church matters.

This is exactly why Worship Times was started – to give ministries great websites and easy access to social media tools at an affordable price.

As the needs of our members grew, so did our ministry. Our members started to dream big, and with that the number of our offerings grew too. The only issue was finding the church staff hours to maintain the work required by adding these extra offerings. This became our new challenge, not only help our members build new platforms but also help them maintain it with a team of dedicated staff.

What can Worship Times help you do?

  • Add special features to your website – payment options, member databases, event registrations and bookings, etc.
  • Set up social media accounts – Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, other social media platforms that haven’t been invented yet
  • Create a newsletter or other template on MailChimp, Constant Contact, or other mailing program
  • Maintain updates to your website
  • Maintain updates to your social media
  • Write blog posts
  • Copy editing
  • Create and send newsletters
  • Develop comprehensive digital ministry strategies
  • Create social media and website graphics to promote events, liturgical seasons, or programs

Ministry Partners

When you partner with Worship Times, you don’t just get tech geeks who speak programming, or social media, you get a partner in ministry that understands that Holy Week and Advent is incredibly important and busy, understand working with committees, and that change in the life of a religious organization can be scary. You also partner with theological nerds who can come up with great scripture passages that fit your Advent theme, and can update a website while using Facebook. You partner with a ministry with experience, education and skills in both of these worlds, and combine them with communication ministry expertise.

But most of all, Worship Times has a deep love for the work of ministry, and what makes it unique. We are partners in that work and call, not as contract labor. Whether we are just building your website, or you have a full digital ministry relationship with us, we work with you, not just for you.

Some of our digital ministry partners are: Bedford Presbyterian Church, Young Clergy Women International, Newark Presbytery, Foothills Presbytery, LEAD.

Are you interested in a digital ministry partnership with Worship Times? Let us know!

Thou Shalt Focus on Ministry

EditorsPick_2014_200The team at Worship Times is dedicated to empowering congregations developing their church websites and digital presence. On November 1 Worship Times was named one of Worship Leader Magazine’s Editor’s Pick for web development (read more here). So for the next couple of weeks we will be presenting what we consider to be the 10 Commandments for Church Websites. If you have further questions or want to learn more about Worship Times, please feel free to email us.

9th Commandment for Church Websites

Thou shalt focus on ministry

Websites are important, but don’t get caught up in thinking about your website 24/7 or expect one person on your staff to think about them 24/7. (Even full time church webmasters have other things to think about occasionally.) Focus on ministry and people and relationships.

A church’s website should help everything your congregation is doing, not be the focus of unending committee meetings or arguments. Set up a team for your website and other digital communications and trust them.

8. Thou shalt keep they calendar up to date

7. Thou shalt be thoughtful about using social media

6. Thy website is never done

5. Thy website shalt be mobile friendly

4. Thou shalt keep it short

3. Thou shalt use pictures that show thy community in action

2. Thou shalt be on thy website who God is calling thou to be in the world

1. Thou shalt put needed info right up front

Sample Social Media Job/Volunteer Descriptions Part 2

Earlier we posted a sample social media volunteer description, and today we’re going to show you a sample digital community leaders description. This is a mid-level position between the volunteer 5-6 hours a week level and the full-time position we’ll be posting later.

Ideally, someone with a job like the digital community leader would be in a church where a vision of digital ministry has already been developed.


Digital Community Leader

Overview: The Digital Community Leader will coordinate the church’s social media, write for the church’s blog, and engage the online community

Spiritual Gifts Needed: organization, writing, working as part of a team, speaking in love

Goals: clear communication, supporting other ministries, creating new content, and building up the church’s online community

Commitment: ~15 hours a week (paid staff member recommended)


Does Not Include: website management, development of social media vision



-Report to the congregation about the social media ministry


-Meet with pastor/committee to review the church’s social media strategy (the why and how) and address any issues


-Keep up on social media news

-Check church calendar & put events that need to be posted on social media on your calendar when you need to post them

-Plan posts to coordinate with or report on upcoming events if possible


-Double check dates & times of events posted

-Attend staff meetings & support other staff through social media if possible

-Write a new post for the church’s blog


-Pray for the staff, the members, and the social media ministry of the church

-Check the church’s social media sites

-Start conversations & engage with the conversations happening

-Set up advanced posts (if needed)

-Alert pastors or staff to any urgent issues or issues you feel someone else can speak to better