Telling Your Story: A New Hope

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As we continue to celebrate Christmas, and look toward the new calendar year, this is often a week of reflection – on what happened in the previous year, and what we hope for in the new year. We ponder our successes and misses, and think about how we might be able to shake off old habits that bog us down, and create new habits that will make us healthier, happier, more loving and giving people.

Even if our life is going pretty well, taking time to reflect on what you do well and other areas in which you would like to learn and grow is important. It helps you become even more the person you were created to be, and contribute more awesome to the world. The same is true when it comes to telling our story.

In Christian ministries, we tell a story that is both ancient, but also made new each day through the renewing work of God, especially as we invite new disciples into this work. As Christianity encounters new cultures and new generations, it learns new ways to tell its story. Likewise, our ministries cannot simply continue to tell this ancient story only in familiar ways. For one thing, the ways we worship and tell stories today would certainly not feel familiar to the first Christians.

New Year’s resolutions are about taking on new views and attitudes about life. If we are successful in sticking to our resolutions, we will find ourselves walking with our heads a little higher, our steps a little lighter. As our storytelling changes in our ministries, our ministries will take on new attitudes and new ways of being in the world as well. This is a good time to think about new ways to share those new ways of being in our mission statements, our branding and the face of our ministries shown in social media and websites.

At Worship Times, we are working to keep learning about and developing new digital tools and website themes, too, so we can help you tell your stories in new ways. Even if you are a current Worship Times member, we can help you think about a new look or new storytelling tools as we go into the new year. We love talking about the new things you are trying and excited about, so come chat with us about them!


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