That’s a Worship Times Page!

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The other day I accidentally deleted my church’s newsletter from my inbox and went to their website to download the file. I was shocked to see a site completely different from the one they had before. Since I began attending this church in 2009 they had kept the same basic website with only recent information being updated.

Plainsboro Pres Homepage

The new site features a scrolling picture wheel from various church events, worship information right up front, upcoming events listed down the side, and a helpful links bar at the top. Straightforward but dynamic and effective.

Scrolling down, I saw the Worship Times logo at the bottom. What?! I thought to myself. That’s a Worship Times page! I have worked for Worship Times for a few months now, mostly behind the scenes. I had no idea that my own church was working with Worship Times to create this new site.

All last year I interned with another church, so I wasn’t able to keep up on what was happening at mine. The new site gave me tons of information about what was going on over the summer and what was going to happen during the fall. I found out we had a new Director of Music (and when choir practice is). I even learned about the history of the church. (The founding pastor was tried for heresy!)

Most importantly, even though the site was new this was still my church. Our beloved prayer doves are featured as part of the picture wheel, our newly updated Mission and Values statement is under the “About Us” link, and everything sounds real and authentic. They didn’t have to change anything about us in order to make a site that is usable for members, visitors, and the curious alike. That’s a Worship Times page.


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