The Power of Email Marketing for Effective Church Outreach

Sometimes, email gets cast aside since it was one of the very first digital tools we used when the Internet was coming into fruition. Now with social media and apps today, we tend to think that email might be “dated,” or less than effective for reaching our leads. However, this could not be falser.

An email campaign can be one of your ministry’s most effective communication tools! The team here at Worship Times has tens of years of experience working with ministries large and small to create custom, effective email marketing campaigns. Let us show you just how effective our team and an email marketing campaign can be for your ministry!

Email Is Popular!

Yes, email is still very popular and there are numbers to prove it! Email is primarily accessed through mobile devices. Recent studies have shown that 52% of Americans access their email on their phones every single day. Additionally, more than 28% of Americans willingly subscribe to an email list in hopes of receiving updates, news, and discounts. When asked in a and Forrester Research study about retail outreach, 85% of retailers claimed that email marketing was their most effective customer acquisition tactic.

But, one statistic remains unchallenged in the most powerful of ways: every $1 spent on email marketing produces a $44 return in value. No other marketing site can promise this kind of return today.

Therefore, email marketing for churches should be at the top of your outreach agenda. Here’s why email marketing can change your congregation:

1. It’s Easy to Generate Email Content:
As a church, you don’t have to worry about selling a specific product and using a sales pitch. Instead, you just need to resonate with would-be church attendees. That means it’s easy to create content to email out. It can be a few photos, a small blog on a recent event you held, a video of your pastor talking about a verse from the Bible, or any other value-added writing that will make people want to continue opening your emails. You can even turn it into a community update email that people want to open for their scheduling! The simpler, more personable it can be the better! Your ministry’s welcoming and close-kit community feel should be conveyed in your emails.

2. You Can Automate Email Marketing:
You probably don’t have a huge staff for digital marketing, which is what’s so alluring about email marketing. You can set up a three-part email series that invites people to join your church, sends them a sign-up link, and follow up with them once they have signed up. You can do the same thing for baptism sign-ups, and so forth. This kind of automation will help you free up your time while you keep your email recipients afloat with your congregation. Our team can even set this automation for you and connect it right to your website! Creating an email address list shouldn’t be complicated. Whenever you need assistance we are here!

3. You Can Segment Emails:
Gone are the days when people wanted to receive a “catch-all” message from a marketer. Today, people want messaging to be customized, which means they want to receive custom tailored emails that were meant specifically for them. Let’s say a certain recipient has expressed interest in volunteering more; you can identify that and send them emails pertaining to that topic. You can also opt to remove already signed-up people from your sign-up emails, so they do not get tired of your outreach. It’s a beautiful thing!

4. Monitor Open Rates:
Simple analytics will show you which emails are resonating with recipients, and which ones are not. You can monitor click-through rates, open-rates, and so forth, helping you to change your messaging. You can even try out two different kinds of emails on the same people and see which one gets a better response. With these analytics, you can ensure you are constantly benefitting from your email outreach. Knowing what your recipients are thinking and liking can make your email campaigns that much more effective.

5. It Positions You as Part of the Community:
Most importantly, you want people to see your church as staple of the community. No one wants to go to a church that seems alienated, distant, and out-of-touch. By sending out email updates and alerts, you will help people feel like they are part of your church family. You will come to be seen as an integral institution in the community, which means word-of-mouth will kick in. As a community establishment, more people will trust you and your congregation.

Church Email Marketing

As you can see, email marketing is manageable, inexpensive, effective, and pays-off almost every time. Of course, you probably don’t have the time to craft these emails, write blogs, edit photos, and monitor analytics. You have a church to run. That’s where we come into the picture.

Here at Worship Times, we provide full-service email marketing support for you and your church, helping you to make a lasting impact felt by everyone near and far to your congregation.

Whether you are looking to start your first email marketing campaign, see where you could be doing better, or you just want to make things simpler – contact us today! We are just a single click away!


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