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According in the 2013 Millennial Impact Study, 83% of Millennials have phones with access to the internet and often read non-profit websites and emails on their phones. The biggest “pet peeve” as named in the study of Millennials is trying to negotiate a website that isn’t mobile-friendly.

What does this mean for churches and ministries many of which are non-profits? It means we need to start thinking mobile. A clear, organized mobile site can help us make our message clear not only to Millennials but all who are interacting with our online presence on a mobile device which is a number that grows every year.

People want to see pictures and understanding the mission of the ministries they’re reading about. A mobile phone is how many people are keeping connected, and people want to be connected to what they’re passionate about. We’re reading more email on our phones from e-newsletters to work news to prayer chains. A good mobile website needs to cut through everything else that’s going on and focus on the ways people connect.

Worship Times offers mobile support for all of our websites–no matter what theme you choose to work with for your website. Whatever device or app people are accessing your website with Worship Times will automatically customize your website its specifications. We keep your site under constant development to keep up with the changes to mobile technology.

We make sure your buttons are big enough to be pushed on a small screen and your mission is being highlighted loud and clear. We put the things people are looking for up front. With a Worship Times site, you don’t have to worry about your site being someone’s biggest pet peeve.

For more information about our mobile support click here.



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