Top 5 Things Church Visitors Look For – A Double Dose

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Worship Times has been busy lately, and loving it! We’re talking websites, digital communications and branding with many new and current members. So today we’re bringing you two short, helpful videos at once:


#2 – Calendar of Events (Events Lists)

Adding unique events lists to pages on your Worship Times site is a simple task that makes your site look quite sophisticated. The events your ministry offers is one of the top things It makes it easy for people to find events they want to attend, and has a number of potential uses:

#3 – Digital Media (Amazon S3)

Some of the things that make your websites pop are photos, videos, podcasts and sermons. But these media files take up a lot of data space if you add them directly to your site, which can slow it down. We recommend that members who plan to offer a lot of great media to their audiences utilize the cheap and abundant data storage offered by Amazon S3 (Worship Times also uses S3 for much of our data storage to keep our site running efficiently). Amazon S3 is a great tool, but can be overwhelming when using it for the first time. We want to make your data storage experience just as smooth as maintaining your Worship Times site, so here we give you a brief tour of adding media to S3, then linking that media to your Worship Times site.


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