What Ministries Can Take Away from the Facebook Mass Outage

What Ministries Can Take Away from the Facebook Mass OutageAround lunchtime on Monday, October 4, I began to receive notifications about Facebook-owned platforms being offline. Soon many other companies’ services came to a screeching halt because of the cascading effect that one significant outage had on the way all data centers communicate with each other. (Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet) In the hours that followed, many churches and ministry organizations that rely heavily on Facebook or Instagram as part of their communications strategy began to scramble and dust off other tools available.

Over the last few days, I’ve seen many posts from church leaders searching for a Facebook alternative that congregations can use for live streaming with chat, e-newsletter distribution, online giving, and a user-friendly interface.

The good news is that there’s a very simple solution. IT’S CALLED A WEBSITE! A website built on a solid foundation with a few custom integrations can help you accomplish each of those goals and so much more.

Even before Covid-19 too many ministries were relying heavily on social media platforms as the central hub to distribute information about upcoming events and resources. Let me be clear that I’m not here to bash Facebook or any other social media platform. These are wonderful tools that can and should be used as part of an overall communications strategy. The center of that strategy, however, must be a solid website that clearly states who you are as a community of faith; what you stand for; and how you offer an invitation to participate through worship, education, mission, and fellowship.

Remember, too, it’s critical that this digital real estate be kept up to date with relevant information about what’s happening in the life of your community. Then, with your website as the center of your communications strategy, when Facebook goes down again, it won’t have as great of an impact. A well-built and organized website will provide a user experience that members will start depending on.

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