Why Influencer Marketing Can Work with Church Outreach

You’ve probably heard the terms “influencer” or “influencer marketing” as of recently. What used to be a casually mentioned, underground form of marketing on social media has grown into a full-blown, viable outreach avenue available to every single business, brand, and organization today. Thanks to the me-centric nature of social media, and the ability for everyone to be their own brand, people are leveraging this influence in a whole new kind of way.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Quite simply, influencer marketing refers to influencers, otherwise known as people with large social followings, and their ability to sway that following. It’s a hybrid of old and new marketing tools, taking elements of celebrity endorsement and combining it with the modern day content marketing rules.

Influencers can be anyone, of any age, and any background. They can have a niche in something like crocheting, or they can be known for their good looks and bathing suit figure. The sky is literally the limit, as there are even some Instagram-famous women over the age of 90 (@baddiewinkle) that are making a living for themselves as influencers today.

As we mentioned above, this new kind of marketing has pivoted recently into a more professional setting, given that the numbers don’t lie: 70% of teens trust influencer recommendations and posts on social media more than they do celebrity endorsements or regular marketing ads. Although the number slightly dwindles with age, it’s safe to say, no one is immune from the genuine influencing posts we all love to look at on Instagram today.

That’s where the case for church influencer marketing comes into the picture. If these people can command an audience for any kind of passion or purpose, why can’t they use these tactics in furthering the outreach of a church? Let’s look further.

Church Influencer Marketing

People are paying attention on social media today, there’s no way around it. The average millennial spends 2-hours per day on social media apps, chatting with friends, reading, and sifting through content. They are waiting to be fed a church-based proposition that just might convince them to walk through your doors and give God a chance.

Here are just a few ways in which influencer marketing can work for your church today:

  1. Instagram Stores, Videos, Live Videos: Your influencer marketing content doesn’t have to be over-the-top. Simply having a few people with 20,000+ followers post an Instagram Story of the worship music at your services with a geotag will spur their followers’ interests. Of course, you will want to work with specifically local influencers that command a following over people in your area. The same holds true if they post videos, or go Live during one of your services. Don’t stop them from sharing the content they want to share.
  2. Heartfelt Posts: Static posts, which are permanent posts that sit up forever on sites like Instagram and Facebook, are another way to influence your church. You can have your influencers post a photo of them doing just about anything, whether it’s reflecting, laughing or smiling. Ask them to share their testimony with the post in a genuine way. It’s amazing what this kind of vulnerability will do in the hearts of viewers.
  3. Social Media Biography Mentions: Every social media site comes with a biography portion now. On Instagram, this section is particularly important, and duly noted by most profile visitors. You can have your influencers simply post a cross emoji, followed by the ‘social handle’ to your church’s Instagram in the bio. Therefore, every time someone visits the profile, they will see that faith is important to that person, and likely click on your church profile to learn more.

There are many other avenues for influencers to highlight your church in their social presence. If you notice on social media today, it’s not uncommon for influencers to have a biblical quote in their biographies, or just the mention of Christ or the cross. This is a great starting point for curating your influencer marketing list.

Once you have a list aggregated of influencers in your region, you can begin your outreach and marketing discussions.

Worship Times

Since churches are not businesses, many times, influencers do not ask for compensation in exchange for church promotions. However, if they do, it’s still something to consider if you want to increase the attendance of young people in your church.

Here at Worship Times, we know how to target the influencers and work with them to curate the right kind of image that reflects your congregation. It’s undoubtedly the future of marketing, which is why it’s not something you are going to want to miss. Let us help you get started today!


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