Worship Times Features: Hidden Gems

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When we hand off a newly built Worship Times site to a member, we offer a run-through of the site’s Dashboard, the tools you will use in editing and adding to your site. One of the most important areas of the Dashboard we highlight is our custom Worship Times area.

There are four sub-items under the Worship Times area, labeled Worship Times, Support Center, Learning Center and Social Media Settings.

The sub-item labeled Worship Times is where we enter the name and contact information for your ministry. The email listed here will be the default email listed in your contact information and in forms settings. If your name, address, phone number or main email change, this is where you will update it. Note: You will want to change this in your local SEO settings, as well.

Social Media Settings is where one enters any social media accounts to list on the site. (Take a look – there are quite a few possibilities!)

Those are important tools, but the Support and Learning centers are the real hidden gems.

With the Support Center, you always have direct access to Worship Times support. It is the most efficient way to contact us, and we are happy to answer any question you have about your site. Do you have a question about creating a form? Did a page accidentally get deleted? Perhaps you just need to reach out to a friendly Worship Times employee to say, “Hi!” We are here to help, and the Support Center feature helps us keep track of your questions, and resolve any issues quickly.

The Learning Center has a series of video tutorials to help accomplish needed tasks on your Worship Times site. We know most of our members are not spending all day building and maintaining WordPress websites. Our short (2-7 minutes each) tutorial videos will help you master the tools available in your Worship Times site. They are always available in your Dashboard, and we continue to add to our tutorial videos collection.

Next Steps

Look through these custom Worship Times features, and try them out. Learn a new skill with a tutorial video, and put it in practice. You can even send us a note in the Support Center to let us know what you tried!


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