Worship Times Technology Audit Questionnaire

(Example) On a weekly basis I create the bulletin for the week using Word. I save it as a pdf and email it to congregants using Mailchimp. I also post it to the website, which is on WordPress.
(Example) My primary responsibility is getting worship materials to congregants. That used to all be physical content, but now I have to get the same or similar content to congregants in a digital format.
(Example) I find it difficult to figure out how congregants prefer to receive worship materials and what works best for them. Should I use email only, or should I also post to Facebook and the website? Should links be included in the YouTube description? The number of access points gets exponentially big and overwhelming.
(Example) I love creating and formatting the bulletin! Word does everything I need it to do!
(Example) Occasionally I need graphics and I find that clip art just looks too outdated and unprofessional. I would love a good source of professional-looking images, either stock images or a collection of our own images that are high-quality.
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