5 Signs It’s Time for a New Website

A website – in some ways – is very much like a house. Both have a single address so everyone knows where to find you. You want both to have private areas that only you can use, but you also want to have your house (and website) feel warm and inviting. A website, just like a house, needs updates from time-to-time and sometimes you need to do a full renovation or even move locations to upsize or downsize depending on where you are in your journey.

With a house it becomes pretty clear when you run out of space, need to make some updates, or need to move entirely. Knowing when you need a new website can be more of a gray area, especially when you are working hard everyday to run your ministry!

Here at Worship Times we can give your ministry’s website a free review, give you and your team our recommendations, create a plan of attack, and work with you start-to-finish for any and all of your needs!

5 Signs Your Ministry Needs a New Website

Below – in no particular order – are some growing pains and warning signs that it might be time for a new, upgraded website. Every ministry’s needs are slightly different, but if you have run or are running into any of the issues below, take advantage of our free website review and we can show you how the team here at Worship Times can help!

Your Ministry Doesn’t Have a Website!?

More people are using the internet more than ever with smartphones and tablets being as popular as they are. If your ministry does not have a presence on the internet, you are missing the opportunity to welcome potential members into your ministry. A website is an extension of your ministry and the mission you are working to achieve. A great website can get those interested in joining you for a worship service in your doors, be a central hub for all of your ministry’s events, bring in online donations, and make everyone feel welcomed knowing that they have your ministry at their fingertips 24/7. Our team has tens of years of experience and can help you achieve all of your website dreams and more!

Updating Your Website is a Nightmare (Like a Serious Nightmare!)

Updating your website should not painful or migraine inducing. If updating your website is impossible to update or your website is displaying outdated information, that is frustrating for everyone – including your members! Our websites here at Worship Times use drag-and-drop builders and What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors so updating your website could not be easier! We can also manage your website for you! You send us the content and updates for your website and we take care of the rest while you run your ministry.

Your Website Lacks Consistency

One of the most important aspects to any website is that it is consistent in design and content! If some of your pages on your current website look like they are stuck in the `90s and other pages have tons of different font colors and sizes and images are just thrown about, it is time for an upgrade! Your website should be calm and welcoming just like your ministry!

Your Site Looks Bad or Your Ministry Needs New Branding

Ministry branding should never take a back seat! If your ministry has just recently gone through a rebranding operation now could not be a better time to take advantage of your beautiful new branding! If your ministry is looking for a company to work with you during your rebranding phase our team here at Worship Times has designers, digital communication directors, and website developers to be a one-stop shop for all of your website and branding needs!

Your Website Looks Terrible on Mobile Devices

More web searches occur on mobile devices than desktop or laptop computers today! It is critical that your website is mobile responsive to make all users fee welcomed! If your website looks poor on mobile devices or if it doesn’t even work on mobile devices, then it is definitely time for a new website! All of our websites here at Worship Times are 100% mobile responsive at no additional cost! Your ministry should not pay for wanting to look prim and proper on all screen sizes.

What if I have other issues with my ministry’s website?

The list above is in NO way comprehensive or absolute. Every ministry is different! Your ministry may simply need a faster, more reliable website, maybe you need a larger website to aid your growing ministry, maybe your current website is not secure (yikes!) or maybe you want to schedule social media posts and start a blog and need better tools? Exciting! That is where the team at Worship Times comes in! If you feel your ministry could benefit from a new website (for any reason), request a free website review and we will give your our thoughts.

Worship Times

Knowing when your ministry needs a new website can be a tall order. There is no one size fits all rule. Running your ministry is a full-time job, so let the team here at Worship Times help guide you in the decision making process to a beautiful, brand-new website!

Don’t wait! Drop us a line today and we get can your free website review complete and get the ball rolling!


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