Keeping up with your ministry’s communications can feel like an overwhelming task. Clergy, judicatory leaders, administrative staff, and volunteers all deal with long to-do lists and overcrowded calendars. We get it. And Worship Times is here to help.

Our Timewise Communication Partnerships are fully-customizable solutions for those who manage their ministry’s communications. They offer weekly time with a dedicated member of our Worship Times communications team who, in turn, will perform the required tasks on your ministry’s behalf. You tell us what you need and we do it — taking all those to-dos off your list.

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Custom Design
Custom Development
Easy Forms Creator
Event Management
Membership Services
News and Announcements
Remote Assistant
Social Media
Social Media Design
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With every new Worship Times partner, we provide direct online training, customized to your website and your needs.

Video Editing

Worship Times’ video editing services provide professional, high-quality video content, to help you communicate your message effectively, engage your congregation, and reach new audiences.

Remote Assistant

Don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish your tasks? Hire us! We can take work off your plate to allow time to accomplish your most important work, your ministry.

Newsletter Integration

Newsletters provide a direct channel of communication with your church members, allowing you to share updates, announcements, and important information in a timely manner.

Announcement Sliders

Announcement sliders allow you to prominently display important announcements, upcoming events, or special messages at the top of your website’s homepage or any location.


A blog is a great way to keep members and visitors abreast of the latest news and announcements, connect with the staff, and reflect on topics at the heart of your ministry.

Print Design

This might include designs for church bulletins, event flyers, posters, banners, brochures, newsletters, capital campaigns, postcards, and other promotional materials.

Logo Design

Worship Times’ logo services aims to create a visually appealing and meaningful logo that effectively represents your ministry’s identity and resonates with your target audience.


Your brand is the impression that people get when they walk through your doors, interact with your congregation, visit your website, or scroll through your social media feeds.

Custom Design

As a full custom shop, Worship Times offers end-to-end customization services, from design and development to deployment and ongoing support, to create tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each ministry partner.

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