Call to Worship needed significant improvements to its online platform and processes. The existing website faced various issues, hindering user experience and accessibility. Subscribers accessed content through different channels, leading to inconsistency and confusion. The paywall implementation was unclear, and the reliance on online PDFs for print caused limitations. Managing user access was cumbersome with a single shared password. Additionally, the distribution of print publications incurred high shipping and printing costs.

The diverse user base, including contributors, subscribers, and organizations, required better engagement and tailored experiences. Subscribers, including pastors and musicians, desired improved access to lectionary aides and supplementary resources. New subscribers, especially seminary graduates, sought incentives and welcoming content. PAM members and organizations expected seamless integration with their memberships and needs.

Desired features included a flexible, feature-rich platform with enhanced social sharing capabilities and related multimedia content. Lectionary aides needed expansion, alongside open-call submissions for contributors. Special items like portfolios and art galleries were requested, catering to diverse preferences in color and black-and-white imagery.

Future needs included archival access and the establishment of subscriber forums or cohorts. The menu navigation required restructuring for clarity and efficiency. Branding and design updates were necessary to reflect the organization’s ethos, emphasizing the synergy between word and spirit.

The team requested additional training tutorials to be created for their  future editions. This allowed them to implement these changes effectively and ensure a smooth transition to the improved platform.

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Worship Times is amazing. They undertook a complicated, multilayered project and created a beautiful, well-functioning website for our journal. I'm continuing to discover new things that the site can do! And I'm grateful for fast and helpful support from the Worship Times team.
David Gambrell
Associate for Worship
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