The Episcopal Diocese of Washington came to Worship Times looking to increase engagement with content and opportunities presented on their new site relating to strategic mission priorities of congregational revitalization, the School for Christian Faith and Leadership, and racial justice and equity. The primary audience groups they sought to engage included clergy, leaders, and members of our congregations, and visitors unaffiliated with our churches.

This project was driven both by the need to update the design, functionality and architecture of the EDOW website to reflect their current priorities, and by significant limitations in the functionality available in the old site platform.

They wanted to maintain their current branding, while giving it a needed color retouch for consistency. They wanted to improve the site architecture and design to highlight strategic priorities and deliver the information their audience sought. They wanted a new site to provide easy access to resources, forms, and information related to diocesan ministries.

Specific requirements included:

  • Form functionality and ability to embed forms and surveys and collections of media content
  • Blog functionality that may be tagged and shared through the site
  • Calendar integration and functionality for a visitor to submit an event for approval on the calendar
  • Job management functionality providing visitors the ability to submit employment listings which will be listed and automatically expire at a defined date.
  • Integrate a translation tool that accurately renders page content in Spanish.
  • Media libraries for visitors that may include dynamic collections of images or documents
  • Integration with robust site search and analytics tools
  • Animated logo for the School of Christian Faith and Leadership

After launch, we continued to offer support and website maintenance, regularly for several months after launch to offer contnued training and additional functions which included building an online version of the annual report, event submissions, redesign of the Path of Discipleship, and integrations with Databank software, to name a few. We continue to work with EDOW on an as needed basis, but are always available to answer questions and brainstorm on ways to make their Diocesean communications stellar.

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