The General Convention embarked on a significant endeavor to fortify its online presence, driven by the imperative to enhance security and user experience. With just three dedicated staff members – Twila, Brian, and Iris – at the helm, the task was formidable, yet essential for the organization’s digital evolution.

Twila, serving as the Communications and Primary Contact, alongside Brian, specializing in orientation, and Iris, the Translation Coordinator and Research and Statistics expert, formed the core team responsible for orchestrating the website overhaul.

The primary objective was to migrate all existing content to a new platform while implementing different navigation and user experience elements. Despite the complexity, the team was committed to preserving the integrity of the site’s content and expanding its Spanish translation capabilities to reach a broader audience.

Guided by a set of principles, including maintaining minimum photos, adhering to the established color palette, and utilizing the style guide for The Episcopal Church (TEC), the team ensured consistency and alignment with organizational branding. The logo, representing the General Convention (GC), remained unchanged, symbolizing continuity amidst change.

The homepage emerged as a focal point for organizing information and answering the fundamental question, “What is the General Convention?” Essential sections, such as About, Virtual Binder (VBinder), and direct links to resolutions, were prominently featured. Integration with external platforms, such as Constant Contact for newsletters, aimed to enhance user engagement and accessibility.

The redesign journey was characterized by close collaboration with Twila Rios, Manager of Digital Information Systems. Regular communication facilitated alignment with organizational goals and objectives, ensuring a seamless transition and adherence to functional requirements.

Unlike conventional partners focusing on people and events, the General Convention prioritized content, forms, and resources. The design ethos was simple, reflective of The Episcopal Church’s values, and optimized for clarity and functionality. Leveraging built-in tools and unique functional needs, such as deep-level page categorization and bilingual templates, underscored the project’s complexity and innovation.

The website transformation exemplified the General Convention’s commitment to excellence in digital communication and inclusivity. As the project neared completion, the organization stood poised to redefine its online presence, offering a dynamic platform that empowered users and enriched their engagement with valuable content and resources.

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