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Facebook is a versatile platform for fostering community, sharing updates, and facilitating engagement with congregants. Through Facebook pages and groups, churches can connect with their members in a centralized hub, providing a space for sharing sermons, event details, and inspirational content. These platforms enable churches to cultivate a sense of belonging and participation among congregants, fostering interactions and discussions beyond the physical confines of the church building.

Facebook’s diverse features, such as live streaming, events, and polls, offer churches various tools to engage with their community in meaningful ways.

  • Facebook Page Creation: Ensure the church has an active Facebook page. If not, create one. Make sure it’s filled with relevant information about the church, events, services, and community activities.
  • Facebook Page Plugin: Using WT’s tool to embed the church’s Facebook page directly onto the website. This plugin allows visitors to see the latest posts, like the page, and even message the church directly from the website. You can customize the feed to match the website’s design and layout.
  • Social Media Icons/Links: Include social media icons or links prominently on the website’s homepage or footer. These icons should link directly to the church’s Facebook page, making it easy for visitors to find and follow the page.
  • Event Integration: If the church regularly hosts events, consider creating Facebook events for each one and then embedding these events onto the church website. This allows visitors to see upcoming events, RSVP, and share them with friends on Facebook.
  • Live Streaming: If the church live streams services or events on Facebook Live, we can help you embed your Livestream on your website. This allows website visitors to watch live services without leaving the church website, gaining access to your order of worship, upcoming announcements, giving, and much more.
  • Share Buttons: Include Facebook share buttons on blog posts, sermons, or other content on your website. This encourages visitors to share the content with their Facebook friends, increasing the church’s online visibility and reach.

Let WorshipTimes effectively integrate Facebook into your website, enhancing online presence, engagement, and community outreach.

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